Dermatologists talk about the importance of sleeping without makeup and recommend the best makeup removers

Remove Your Makeup: Your skin will thank you

Not removing the makeup can have harmful consequences for the skin. Over time, the bad habit can accelerate aging, causing little wrinkles to appear.
Another point worth highlighting is that at night the metabolism of cutaneous cells increases, absorbing better nutrients. So it’s super important to have your skin always clean (and moisturized) when going to bed.

Remove eye makeup

A lot of people consider the area of the eyes, the hardest part of removing the makeup. But according to the expert, the task becomes easy when one has the proper makeup remover. Trying to take off the makeup with soap and water is not the best option, because this attempt can often fail and attack the skin on the face, at the risk of getting the makeup into the eyes.

Check out our list of best makeup removers: