You know that trip planned for months that’s about to happen? Yes, it is coming, and there is nothing better than that. Going to the beach and swimming pool with mascara on is not always a good idea because even if the waterproof will drain and leave that famous panda look, so many women end up dismiss their use in these situations.

With the eyelash extension, the panda eye does not exist, however often exposure to the sun, sea, and pool can come to worsen it and therefore diminish its durability. So, here’s the question: Can you or not use eyelash extensions on the beach and pool?
We can and should use and abuse of eyelash extensions on the beach and in the pool, but we should take some special care. The main reason is because exposing to seawater and pool chlorine without care can dry out the glue that of the eyelashes and as a consequence end up loosening, thus decreasing their durability.

Main Care To Keep Your Eyelash Extensions On The Beach And Pool

To take care of the eyelash extensions is very simple. Just keep the eyelashes moisturized with ordinary fresh water or thermal water. This hydration should always be performed after exposure to sea water, swimming pool or excessive sweating. This simple action is a must to prevent dryness of the glue and ensure the more extended durability of the eyelash extensions.

Another question constantly raised by those who use the eyelash extension is about whether to use a sunscreen. The rule is also very simple, just use the non-oily based protectors known in the market as dry touch or oil free.

Remember that hygiene of the eyes with baby shampoo or some soap specific to the eye area should also be performed normally as described in post-extension care.

Can I Swim with Eyelash Extension?

Another recurring question regarding the care of eyelash extensions is whether diving or swimming may result in any injury due to constant contact with the water for a certain period.

Just as in the previous example we made it clear that with simple care the extensions will not be harmed. In this case, we also affirm the same. With simple actions, it is possible to dive and swim without damaging the extensions.

The Main Care for Eyelash Extensions

Do not dive or swim for the first 24 hours after applying eyelashes.

Respecting this 24-hour interval is essential care with eyelash extensions because this is the length of time the glue takes to dry completely.

Prevent stream of water from falling on eyelashes

This applies in the case of a waterfall or sea with strong waves because this may diminish their durability.

Avoid wetting the eye area with warm water.

It is becoming more common to find heated swimming pools, and exposure at elevated temperatures can alter the physical state of the glue reducing its durability.

Do not rub the eye area to clean eyelash extensions.

Try to always clean your eyes with fresh water through an appropriate shampoo with light and circular movements.

As we could see the care of the eyelash extensions are very simple and will make a total difference to keep them always clean, so when you travel to make your extension 24 hours in advance, take your thermal water in your bag and do not forget the sunscreen oil free.

Other care for eyelash extensions during the summer

We have already talked about all the care of the extensions that are necessary for you to enjoy a sunny day at the beach or pool without harming them, but we didn’t talk about day-to-day tips that will also make a total difference.

The test

First, I’d like to do more than just not wetting the extensions in its first 24 hours. This is the most essential point to increase their durability. So, I will do an experiment. This experiment consists of placing three drops of the glue under the surface with specific time intervals. The first drop will be exposed for 24 hours. The second one will be exposed for 2 hours and the third one will not wait at all.

The three drops are placed equally, it is not possible to identify any differences between them, but when we apply a drop of water under each drop of glue we see that different reactions occur.

In the first drop of glue, which was there for 24 hours, we do not notice any reaction. In the second drop, which was there for 2 hours, we realize that a reaction of superficial crystallization occurs and finally, in the third drop saw that its complete crystallization.

The first example is ideal, to respect the drying process for 24 hours without exposing it to high humidity. On the other hand, the second and third example are simulations of harmful situations. The exposure to humidity is too high the surface of the glue will dry out too quickly leaving the interior still liquid. This fast polymerization process weakens the surface of the glue causing cracks that compromise the eyelash extensions.

It is essential to take your extensions in an environment where the temperature and humidity are controlled. Remember not to expose your extensions to water in the first 24.

Sanitize Your Eyes Every Day with Johnson Shampoo

One of the most important care of the eyelash extensions is their correct hygiene. Many doubts still exist in this respect for not knowing which products to use and much less which process is right not to damage them.

Our eyes are exposed daily to various factors. These factors can be: pollution, bacteria, viruses, makeup and exposure to the wind. This is very common, especially in large urban centers. The probability of some problem to occur increases. Because of this taking care of your eyelash extensions should be performed daily.

Cleaning the eyelashes is very simple, just use Johnson shampoo and with your eyes closed wash your eyes. The movements must be circular, and the pressure should be very light so that you don’t damage your extensions.

You can user other products to take care of your eyelash extensions, but we indicate Johnson Shampoo. The main reason is because it has its pH balanced and has no alcohol in its composition. It is also very easy to find it in the market. Therefore, the care of the extensions regarding their correct hygiene is entirely in agreement with the health of the eyes.

How to take care of your eyelash extensions if you practice some sport?

This is another question many women ask: “How to Care of my eyelash extensions when I am working out?” And the answer depends on which sport we are talking about.

Let’s take as an example a woman who does bodybuilding, aerobics, Crossfit or any other activity where there is excellent sweating, but no contact with the eye region. In these specific cases, you will not damage your eyelashes as long as you dont wipe the towel in the eye region. This means that the main care with the extensions is to dry the eyes with a soft towel with light pressures

On the other hand, in the case of women who practice sports like Jiu Jitsu or any other where there is a great physical contact even in the region of the face, there is no care that can keep them clean. The contact of the eyes with the kimono will loosen the eyelash extensions leaving little flaws along the lash line.