The eyelash mascara is an essential makeup product that can change the expressiveness of our eyes, getting a much more attractive and seductive look. The first thing to consider when we choose the right mascara is to know what effect are we looking for. Sometimes that’s long eyelashes or much more volume and other times it is curved eyelashes or just the natural look.

This guide will help you to select the best mascara for you by exploring the different types and reasons to choose them. Of course, we are also listing our favorites from each category.

Volume Effect

If you feel you have thin lashes or if they are naturally light (even blonde) opt for volumizing mascaras. Thanks to micro-granulated wax, the creamy texture surrounds every single eyelash. Its components accumulate the color and therefore increase the volume results.
The silicone polymers in the composition also perform the same functions. To give volume to the eyelashes, these products usually contain in their formula peptides, which stimulate the growth of the lashes in the medium and long-term.

Some mascaras add powdered particles which can double the volume. Of course, the particles wash off with the mascara.

It helps if you use brushes with longer hairs. They retain more product and end up depositing more quantity when it comes to applying.

One of the best volumizing mascaras is Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara
This mascara defines and volumizes lashes while caring for them at the same time. Its formula is enriched with regenerating and nourishing cotton and sweet almond oils for protection. Its brush is rounded and is made from ultra-soft fibers to softly glide onto the lashes and coat them from root to tip to build up the volume without clumping. You get volume and visually stronger and more resistant lashes after just three weeks of use.

Lengthening Effect

The materials that help with lengthening are usually nylon, silk fibers, and sometimes natural polysaccharides. These substances are stacked at the edges of the lashes, making them longer and more expressive. Sometimes manufacturers add particular polymers that stick to the lashes and also visually lengthen them.

Applicators that serve the purpose of lengthening the eyelashes need to have short bristles, and the shape needs to be oval. This way, the elongation will be higher in the central part of the eyelashes.

When applying the mascara, we should start from the root and move towards the tips with rotating movements. Is important to know that this kind of mascaras won’t give you thickness.

Good choice of mascara in this category is Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara. Its formula not only gives the illusion of longer lashes but also contains ingredients designed to make your lashes actually grow longer, too.

Curling Effect

If you have very long and strong lashes, curling effect mascaras will help you structure your look. They contain keratin and resin, which upon drying tighten the eyelashes by giving them a curve.

The brush also matters. You can pick a mascara with a curved brush. It will give a slight curl to the eyelashes, giving that romantic charm to your look.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara Black is my recommendation. Lashes are not only volumized but beautifully curved for a look that’s twice as glamorous! The formula is enriched with soft, flexible waxes and silicone to help shape and curl. It also contains fixing agents to keep your curves in place all day long! The brush is curved in shape to lift and fan out your lashes. It helps coat every single lash for a full and sexy make-up result.

Waterproof Mascara

The waterproof mascara is tough to wash, and precisely because of this, it is more difficult to remove because it creates a kind of protective cover against external aggressions around the lashes.

Inadequate removal is the leading cause of damage as the composition, which promises prolonged duration, has stronger ingredients than the in the other mascaras.

A good mascara that will help the product last, even in humidity, rain, and snowy weather conditions is the L’Oréal Paris False Lash X Fiber Xtreme Resist Waterproof Mascara. Designed for a false lash look that lasts all day. Enriched with fibers that attach to eyelashes, mimicking the look of falsies. Lashes look longer, thicker and more intense, It has a double waterproof formula, so your lashes look resists flaking and smudging all day. For a natural false lash look, apply one coat of the primer, followed by one layer of the fibers. For extreme false lash look, you can repeat application to build the mascara.

Colored Mascara

The color pigments are responsible for the color of the mascaras. Sometimes, to give the mascara a deeper black shade, is added the so-called Arabic kohl – a substance they used to die eyelashes in ancient Egypt.

Here is a quick rundown of the colors.

Black mascara

Black mascara is by far the most popular type and color. It does an outstanding job at highlighting the eyelashes. It also goes well with all kinds of makeup, skin color, and outfits – day or night. When in doubt – go black.

No color

The colorless mascara is widely used during the day, as it slightly highlights the lashes without adding pigment. You can apply it also on your eyebrows, which serves to “tidy up” and leave them in place.

Brown mascara

The brown mascara adds color and highlights the lashes, but provides a more natural effect, ideal for use during the day or very light-skinned and blonde girls.

Colored mascara

Colored mascaras are back. The most popular colors are green, blue, and purple, but you can find really any color around. Make sure when using a color it matches correctly the rest of the makeup and outfit too! So use it and abuse it!

Makeup artists recommend people with brown eyes to use blue and purple color mascaras. Those with green eyes that have a blue undertone can try deep forest-green shades. A deep violet, lilac, or purple mascara will intensify the look of any shade of green eyes. Blue mascara intensifies blue eyes, and green mascara looks great with hazel eyes.

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Vinyl Couture provides a broad range of colors. You can choose Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Grey, Metallic, Pink, and even White.
It gives your lashes super-shiny color. Its patented formula gives your lashes length, volume and curl with profound, and saturated color. With shocking color from root to tip, these high-sheen vinyl mascaras ensure lashes make a strong statement with every wink.


When choosing a mascara, pay particular attention to the brush. Manufacturers do make different shapes and sizes according to the function and the type of lash you have.

If your lashes are shorter use a smaller brush. It will gently apply the ink on each lash, leaving no traces around the eyes on top and bottom.

For those of you that have long eyelashes, it makes sense to use a mascara with larger size brush to give them a volume or a brush that twists and splits them – the shade is more curved.

The bright lines of the eyes may be obscure. In this case, look for a mascara with a flat plastic brush, which you need to be carefully apply to the top layer of eyelashes. For the dense, any brush is appropriate.

Tips for Applying the Mascara Properly

Regardless of the formula or applicator, it is essential to keep some care when applying the mascara. If you are going to use an eyelash curler, start with it. Just a few seconds of application to get well-curved wires.

You should apply the eyelash mascara from the root and carry to the tip of the eyelashes with zigzag movements. Repeat the operation at least twice to get a more striking look. The lower eyelashes should also receive attention. With the tip of the brush, start by moving very close to the root and make only downward movements.

Here, you can find a full list of tips and tricks on how to use your mascara.