If you’ve ever wanted to grow longer eyelashes, there’s now a way to do it. The FDA has approved a drug that increases the length and thickness of eyelashes and can even darken their color. This drug with the name Latisse (Bimatoprost 0.03% solution) was originally marked as a drug to treat glaucoma. During the glaucoma treatment, patients noted that their eyelashes became longer, thicker, and darker, prompting a further study of the medicine as a possible eyelash enhancer. Later, Latisse received clearance by the FDA and is available for use.

How Does Latisse Cause Thicker And Longer Eyelashes?

It’s not completely clear how this medication works. The medicine itself is structurally similar to prostaglandins. This is a natural hormone-like substances present in the body. Receptors for prostaglandins are present at the base of hair follicles. It may be that the medication stimulates these receptors causing the lashes to grow.

How To Use It To Grow Eyelashes Longer?

Apply the solution along the upper margins of the eyelid where the eyelash meets the lid every night using a disposable applicator. With each application use a new disposable applicator to avoid introducing bacteria into the eye. Results aren’t immediate. It can take up to months to achieve thicker and longer eyelashes.

How Effective Is It for Growing Thicker And Longer Eyelashes?

In a study done prior to approval of Latisse, half of the women noted improvement in eyelash length and thickness. Unfortunately, like all other eyelash serums, if you stop this medication the eyelashes return to their previous and natural length and consistency.

What About Side Effects Of Latisse?

The most common side effects are eye irritation, itching, and redness. Those side effects occur in around four percent of people using Latisse for thicker and longer eyelashes. This is because of the preservative in this medication which cause irritation. When this drug was used to treat glaucoma, it was known, in some cases, to cause the colored portion of the eye to become browner in color. Although this hasn’t been seen in eyelash enhancement studies, if it occurs, it could be permanent.

How Much Does It Cost?

Unfortunately, there’s a significant price you will pay for thicker and longer eyelashes. A one month supply of Latisse costs around $120.00. Also, there’s no guarantee it will work, and you will have to use it in long-term to maintain the results.

The Bottom Line?

Using Latisse to get thicker and longer eyelashes carries with it a substantial price tag, not to mention the potential for side effects. In addition, it requires a long-term commitment to using the medication on a regular basis. It may be best to explore cosmetic options before considering this expensive medication.