One of the essential items for me is the eyelash mascara. I really like to try and invest in new mascaras, even if they are expensive because they really help my eyelashes look amazing.

My lashes are like that, very long and curved, but I don’t have much volume. Hence, I have to take special care with the mascaras I use because if they are too thick and heavy, my lashes appear to be straight, and if they lump, it seems that I only have 3 strands on the lashes. So my mascara should add a lot of volume. And I also like my lashes separate, so I can achieve the doll look, you know?

Difficult right? I think everyone has different preferences when choosing a mascara, and it takes a long time before we find a good one, which we can start loving.

One of the mascaras I really liked recently is the Grandiôse mascara by Lâncome. And the cool thing is that every time I use it, someone praises or asks what mascara am I wearing. This should be a sign that it really looks beautiful, right ?!

What does the brand promise?

The innovative design of this Lancôme product allows better control of the application. The curvature of the “Swan Neck” wand makes the brush rotate in 3 different positions. With the simple rotation of the applicator, it is possible to have a perfect position of the brush, which aligns itself to the ends of the lashes, making them more voluminous and well separated.

What Is My Opinion About Lancome Grandiose Eyelash Mascara

Well, to start, The packaging is BEAUTIFUL! It has this detail on its elegant and transparent cap, the incredible design of a flower.

Another thing that is super different about it is the applicator. It has this S shape that supposedly makes it easier to apply mascara on your lashes without smudging your entire eyelid. If it works? IT WORKS! But it really depends on the way you are used to applying mascara on your lashes. For me, it works very well. Also, there is a regulator in the tube that prevents excess product in the bristles.

One of the advantages of this Grandiose applicator is that it rotates in 3 different positions, applying more mascara at the corners where you could not reach before.

I love this type of applicator because it leaves my lashes well separated and curved, black, long, and perfect. The formula of the mascara is very wet, and that’s one of the things I don’t like about it. It takes a long time to dry. If you are going to apply two layers, you must wait a lot to dry before applying the second layer. If you apply the second layer with the first one still wet, it gets kind of sticky, you know? The color is super black, and the final look is beautiful.

Another thing I love about Lancôme Grandiôse is that it lasts a lot on my lashes. Still, when it comes to removing it, it’s super easy. You apply the makeup remover, and it is done! 

The Lancôme Grandiôse became one of my favorite mascaras, and I am definitely repurchasing it.

This mascara has two formulas, the regular and the waterproof one. Its removal is easy to do, either with makeup remover or even with soap and water.

How To Apply The Lancome Grandiose Eyelash Mascara?

Apply directly on the lashes, combing the strands from root to tip. Reapply until the desired effect is achieved. For a more elongated effect, touch the applicator to the root of the lashes, rotate it outwards with the zigzag movement, and comb to the tip.

In my case, the applicator made it VERY easier, but in fact, it will depend if you are used to the wand. For those who want more volume, it will be necessary to apply more than one layer. The product has a more liquid texture, so it is essential to wait longer to apply the second layer. The fixation is AMAZING.