Long, strong, and thick lashes never go out of fashion. Every woman desires luxurious eyelashes that flutter with each blink. Eyelash Serums are very popular these days and believe me, most of them really work. They give the desired look literally in a month. However, they might be not very affordable. If you are not sure you want to invest in trying an eyelash serum you are at the right place, then. In this article, I will share with you one of my favorite homemade eyelash serums that will make your eyelashes strong, long and healthy.

They all are a combination of natural oils, creating a boosting serum for quick results. These natural oils will penetrate into your eyelash hair follicles and will nourish your eyelash. This will help to restore the health of your lashes, preventing the excessive number of eyelashes falling out. Oh, and the best part? These serums are very affordable and really easy to make. With regular use, you will be amazed how thick and long your lashes will be in just a month.

Before we begin I would like to briefly introduce you to the essential qualities of these natural oils that we are going to use. I definitely recommend you to look at this article, where you can find very detailed and interesting information about those oils.

Castor Oil

This concentrated oil is very rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids with antibacterial and nourishing effect on your eyelashes.

Sweet Almond Oil

Also rich in Vitamin E and fats, this oil will strengthen your lashes, preventing damage and breakage.

Coconut Oil

The amazing coconut oil not only contains fatty acids, that have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, fighting against the eyelash loss and preventing infections that might limit eyelash growth.

In this post you will learn more about the coconut oil and its benefits for your hair.

Vitamin E

This is super powerful antioxidant with moisturizing effects on your lashes. Applied to your eyelashes, this vitamin will not only make your eyelashes beautiful but protect them from damage and breakage because it creates a protective barrier against toxins.

Argan Oil

Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and Vitamin E, the Argan oil is a powerful moisturizer that can help your eyelashes to be hydrated.

Did you know that Argan Oil is a great hair moisturizes too?

Avocado Oil

This rich in protein, saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E, B, magnesium, copper, iron and folic acid, avocado oil is among the most useful vegetable oils in cosmetics, especially in hair and therefore eyelash care.It strengthens the structure of the eyelash hair and acts as an excellent hydrate with long-lasting effect.

Olive Oil

The essential fatty acids and antioxidants of the olive oil help the cell regeneration and help prevent further eyelash damage.

Its moisturizing properties make it especially useful for treating and taking care of the hair.

Burdock Oil

Widely used in hair care, the Burdock oil stimulates growth and nourishes eyelash hair. It will make your eyelashes soft and shiny.

Emu Oil

Promotes hair and eyelash growth by stimulating “sleeping” hair follicles. It nourishes and prevents the loss of proteins from the hair.

Jojoba Oil

It is an extract of the seeds of the jojoba plant. People call it “liquid wax”, and it is believed to be the closest to the human sebum. It is rich in vitamins E, C, B, copper, zinc, silicon and many others, making jojoba oil capable of restoring the firmness and elasticity of the eyelashes in depth.

Now is time to grab your oils and let the fun begin.

How to Mix?

For your convenient opt for these empty mascara tubes that are just perfect for this purpose. Instead of using old empty commercial mascara bottle, I prefer those because they are clean, really cute and very easy to use. Each of them has a small piece that plugs in on the top once you fill it up with the serum. My advice: don’t fill up till the top. The serum might overflow when you try to put the plug.

How to apply?

Best time to apply this natural eyelash growth serum at night before bed. This way it will allow more time to for the serum to work on your skin and eyelashes. Before you start, clean your face and make-up. Using the empty mascara wand apply gently on your lash line.  Be careful and avoid getting into your eyes, because may cause irritation. Wash it off in the morning, and your lashes will look healthy and moisturized!

Olive Oil Lash Moisturizer

1 teaspoon Olive oil,
1 teaspoon Castor oil,
Empty container and mascara wand

Using a disposable mascara wand, mix well by shaking the olive oil and the castor oil together and apply the solution oil on your lashes before going to bed.

Castor Oil Lash Strengthener

1 teaspoon Castor oil,
1 teaspoon Coconut oil,
2 capsules Vitamin E or 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil,
Empty container and mascara wand

Add the 3 oils into the container, If you have chosen the Vitamin E in capsules, after mixing the castor and coconut oil, pierce and drain the Vitamin E capsules into the container. Mix well by shaking. Apply the solution oil on your lashes before going to bed.

Argan Lash Growth Stimulator

1 teaspoon Avocado oil, Argan oil,and Sweet Almond oil,
Empty container and mascara wand

Combine the oils into the container. Shake well and apply on your lashes before bedtime…

Burdock Lash Conditioner

2 teaspoon Sweet Almond oil,
1 teaspoon Olive oil, Burdock oil,and Castor oil,
Empty container and mascara wand

Combine the oils into the container. Shake well and apply on your lashes before bedtime.

Almond Oil Serum Against Damage

1 teaspoon Castor oil,
1 teaspoon Sweet Almond oil,
Empty container and mascara wand

Make a combination of these two well-liked and effective oils that aids to make your eyelashes extremely attractive, beautiful and healthy.

Serum To Prevent Eyelash Loss

½ tablespoon Castor oil, and ½ tablespoon Jojoba oil,
½ tablespoon Vitamin E oil or squeeze ½ Vitamin E capsule,

Empty container and mascara wand

Mix all oils together with and apply before bed.

Emu Oil For Volume

1 tablespoon Aloe Vera,
10 drops of Emu oil,
Empty container and mascara wand

Mix all oils together with a toothpick and apply before bed.

Have in mind that in case you are allergic to some of these oils, or any eye irritation appears, you should discontinue using any of these treatments.

Some of these oils are heavy, like the castor oil, for example, so don’t over apply the eyelash growth serum as it can weigh down your lashes!

Have you tried my recipes? Share your results in the comment section and help others to chose the best homemade serum.