Would you like to have envious long eyelashes? Have you ever considered improving your lashes for a better look? If yes, the solution may be a good eyelash serum. Start treatment today and enjoy your beautiful results earlier than you think.

Why should you use eyelash growth products?

Until now, there has been no effective treatment of eyelash growth. We can make our eyelashes longer with artificial ones, but this method is not permanent and if not treated well can even damage our natural eyelashes. The eyelash serums are enriched with vitamins that stimulate natural growth.

The chemical cosmetic products can cause eyelashes to be fragile and susceptible to fracture. If your lashes, for any reason are damaged and broken, you can repair their structure in several months thanks to the right eyelash serum. It is obvious that your eyelashes will not recover overnight and you will need to use serum systemically for several weeks before seeing the first results.
Follow the trend and pamper yourself with the better version of fake eyelashes! Use eyelash serum for at least 20 days to witness an incredible transformation. Your eyes will look bigger and brighter, thanks to the passionate, long eyelashes.

When is it a good time to start the treatment with an eyelash serum?

Any time is a good time. However, after summer our lashes are in their worst condition. If we start with the eyelash serum during the autumn, we will be sure that the sun will not damage what we have just recovered.

Are there natural ingredients in the eyelash serum?

The way each eyelash growth serum works depends entirely on its ingredients. In order to achieve the effect of lengthening, thickening, and darkening, the serum must be based primarily on natural components. Undoubtedly, they are much safer than chemical ingredients.

Why natural ingredients are so important?

Eyelash serums contain many ingredients. Some components are either plant or animal based or have been from minerals. The potential substance is filtered, pressed and dried. A series of tests are performed to remove all impurities.

The natural ingredients are safe for the human body. They will not dry or irritate your eyes. Very rarely they can be a source of an allergic reaction. The sensitivity to one of the ingredients is different for everyone. Most of the mineral and plant-based components soothe and moisturize the area of ​​the skin around the eyes. This area is particularly sensitive and requires special and gentle care. Therefore, eyelash serums are carefully checked to minimize any undesirable irritation.

How do the ingredients work?

When we apply the serum, the active agents moisten the lashes and provide them with deep hydration and nourishment. This product also increases blood circulation and takes more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. The most effective eyelash serums focus on the roots. The stronger the follicle, the stronger and longer the eyelashes will grow. The serums that are less popular and less effective are the ones that we apply with a spiral brush directly on the eyelashes the way we do with the mascara. No matter how nourishing the ingredients are, they have no chance of getting to the roots. The active agents can only restore the structure of the lashes.

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