If somebody in your your family had gray hair before age of 35, these could be the explanations for your hair turning gray. The graying of hair is a natural phenomenon that marks the passage of time in humans, even though many people don’t like this fact. This phenomenon happens due to the lack of melanin. The melanin is the pigment that gives you hair color. In most cases, the cells that produce melanin are still present in the follicle, but over time, they cease to function efficiently.

In women, it is more common for the first gray hairs to appear after the age of 35. It is understandable why you might be disappointed if your hair starts to gray before that. But there’s not much you can do other than dye it, as the main factor involved in this process is genetics.  If your father or mother had an early hair graying, you may too.

However, if no one in your family has early hair graying, your hair may be turning gray for reasons other than genetics.

Find out what they are:

Vitamin B12 deficiency can be one of the reasons

Vitamin B12, also called Cobalamin, is essential in the formation of our red blood cells and the proper functioning of the nervous system. According to some studies, the deficiency of this vitamin may be related to premature graying of the hair. The proliferation of hair follicle cells depends on DNA synthesis, which in turn is dependent on vitamin B12. Also, the Cobalamin participates in the stabilization of the hair growth phase. Therefore, it is important to include foods that provide vitamin B12 to our body. Some foods are salmon, tuna, pork, liver, milk and dairy products and eggs. Vegans and vegetarians may find it more difficult to maintain adequate levels of this vitamin, so supplementation may be necessary under medical supervision.

Cigarettes age the skin and hair

gray hair

You already know that smoking causes several serious diseases. Some are pulmonary emphysema and various types of cancer, as well as contributing to premature aging of the skin. And if you suspect that smoking can accelerate the appearance of gray hairs, you are right. There are even scientific studies proving this. The main theory defends that the cigarette is associated with the formation of free radicals, which harm the cells that produce melanin.

Stressful life

Another factor commonly associated with gray hair at an early age is everyday stress. Although this reason is still questionable, this belief has found some evidence among the scientific community. A 2013 study carried out at New York University showed that, when subjected to stressful situations, the mice tested showed an increase in the amount of white fur. This would be the result of the migration of melanin-producing cells, which leave their original location, at the base of the hair follicle, without replacement cells to produce the pigment that gives color to the hair. This abandonment would be caused precisely by the action of hormones linked to stress, such as adrenocorticotropic hormone.

How to take care of your gray hair?

Invest In Capillary Schedule

When you have white hair you may feel it quite dry. The best you can do is to invest time in the capillary schedule to replenish water and nutrients. Reconstruction and hair care are essential, as white hair loses a lot of nutrients.

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Avoid Using A Hairdryer And Always Use Thermal Protection

Procedures that weaken the hair, such as a flat iron and hairdryer, should be avoided by those with gray hair. Gray hair tends to be dry and porous, so the heat can enhance this. Of course, if necessary, give up a high temperature and never forget to protect using thermal protection.

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Apply UV Filter Creams In Case Of Sun Exposure

As well as flat irons and dryers, be aware of the sun’s rays. Sun exposure is one of the main factors to accentuate yellowing since this type of hair has less melanin protection, responsible for pigmentation. In addition to yellowing with the sun, color oxidation can occur. So don’t forget to use sun protection on your hair.

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How To Choose The Best Way To Dye Your Gray Hair?

Regardless of the cause, women who want to cover their gray hair end up looking for any dye that matches their natural roots and the result is not always satisfactory. 

Before choosing the dye type for your white hair, you need to analyze the amount and concentration of depigmented strands you have. Those who have more than 40% of their hair gray should opt for permanent dyes, so that the coloring penetrates the hair fiber and lasts longer. Choosing the base color is also an important step, as some are better absorbed by white hair than others. 

Those who have white hair and want to use nuances with reflection need to mix the base color and the one with reflection. Again you should take into account the amount of your whites strands. If you have between 30% to 50% gray hair you should opt for a mixture of 1/4 of base dye and 3/4 of the nuanced dye. For those who have between 50% and 70% of white hair, the measure is half of each. Above 70%, the mixture must be 3/4 of base coloring and the rest with the reflex dye.

In case of the first gray strands, the best way to cover them is with a toner. As the amount to be covered is small, it is not necessary to invest in permanent coloring. The toner has no lightening power and can hide up to 70% of gray hair without changing the original color of your hair, ensuring more authentic look. If you want more complete coverage but without harming the health of the hair, a good bet is the ammonia-free coloring, such as INOA, by L’Oréal Professionnel. The formula is permanent and covers up to 100% of gray hairs, in addition to being kinder to the hair fiber due to its oil-based technology, which does not dry out the hair cuticle.

Which Shade Should I Choose?

The shade is also important when covering gray hair. Blonde tones are great for disguising gray hair and prolonging the intervals between color maintenance. In addition to camouflaging the discolored strands, the blonde still brightens the look and gives a rejuvenated look. You can also bet on highlights, which give more grace to the look and dimension to the strands.

Women who prefer to keep their hair brown or black can also choose some highlights to better disguise the gray hair. The darker tones create contrast with the white hair, giving more prominence to the depigmented locks.

For those with red hair, it is worth investing in more intense red dyes, because the more accentuated the color, the more effective the pigmentation of the hair.