The sun brings many health benefits, but it can also severely damage the hair. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can make your hair very sensitive, dry, and even brittle. The situation can be even more difficult for those who have done some chemical procedure, such as coloring and straightening. At this time of the year, with more days of the intense sun, it the likelihood of having hair damaged by UV rays also increases. Learn to identify the 3 main clues to this picture and how to avoid damage to your hair during the summer!

The sun can cause loss of natural hair pigmentation

damage hair summer

After being exposed to the sun for some time and frequency, the hair tends to become lighter. Many people like this effect of natural wicks, but the process is not good for the health of the hair. The hair gets weaker. What happens is that the sun causes the oxidation of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives color to the hair fiber. This way the hair gain brighter appearance. In brown hair, this effect is very visible. The ends get lighter and faded over the summer. At the end of the season, they need a cut to regain their healthy appearance.

In dyed hair, the process happens even more quickly. Artificial pigments release easily from the fiber, especially the rosy, coppery and reddish, and this fading accelerates by the action of the sun. Often, this does not occur evenly. Without applying a good sunscreen on the hair, they may be stained and unevenly pigmented along the length.

Those who have blonde hair also need extra protection, especially on the beach or pool. If the hair is damaged or dry, without sunscreen, the chlorine penetrates the fiber and weakens it, leaving the greenish hairs. The green nuance is due to the fixation of copper present in products used in the treatment of pool water.

It is common to observe an opaque look and the rough touch

The oxidation process that causes fading also affects the health of the fiber. The continuous action of the UV rays during prolonged contact of the sun with the hair creates a certain erosion in the hair cuticle, which becomes weaker over time. This facilitates the loss of water and nutrients from the fiber, which makes the hair dry. The main signs of this process are dull appearance, and the harsh touch on the strands, which causes difficulty in untangling. To treat this, it is essential not only to hydrate the hair but also to protect them in future sunbathing so that the problem does not return.

To prevent the problem, it is essential to use products that strengthen the hair and contain technologies that promote fiber protection. The tip of the expert is the Soleil line, from Kérastase. This line is especially for the protection of the hair during the summer. The CC Crème offers technology with linseed oil and UV filters. It protects the hair from solar damage by creating a kind of film around the fiber, which prevents the action of aggressive agents. You can read my CC Creme review here.

Split ends represent more fragile hair with a tendency to break

damaged hair summer

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, at the beach or at the pool, and observe split ends on your hair, it is important to know that they indicate a state of deep drying of the fiber. This is because the ends are are weak and lacking in water and nutrients, and the picture aggravate by exposure to UV rays without sun protection. To restore health and fiber resistance, it is important to go beyond simply improving the appearance of the hair. The key is to have a well-regulated care routine. The Soleil line is perfect to offer what the hair needs after contact with the sun.

We recommend washing your hair with Bain Après-Soleil, an anti-damaging shampoo, and treat with the Masque UV Défense Active, which deeply invigorates wax sensitized by exposure to the sun, sea, and pool. Next, it is very important to invest in CC Cream, a multi-purpose leave-in to protect, repair, and lighten any type of hair. Creating the habit of regularly taking care of hair health and protecting it from further damage, you will keep your hair always soft, moisturized, and radiant.