Dyed hair requires more care during the summer. Because of the sun rays on the hair, heat, and contact with salt water and chlorine, the dyed hair tends to become drier and fade more easily. That is why during the summer your hair needs special attention. OK, don’t panic! We have 5 care tips for you that will leave your hair healthy and color intact. So enjoy your summer, the beach and water and don’t worry about ending up with dry and faded hair.

Protect dyed hair from the action of the sun

The rule number one for keeping your dyed hair healthy and avoiding fading during the summer is protection. Sun exposure without proper protection ends up weakening the hair and damaging its structure. The hair starts losing moisture and essential nutrients. Also, the action of the sun promotes the loss of pigments, which causes the color to lose its intensity. That’s why it’s essential to always have a leave-in UV protection in your bag to provide adequate protection whenever you leave the house. This product will keep your hair hydrated and will protect it from solar action by creating a layer, keeping it safe from the ultraviolet rays.

This protective action also helps to decrease the absorption of salt and chlorine, preventing them from penetrating the hair fiber and drying the hair.

The L’Oréal Professionnel’s Solar Sublime collection is perfect for complete hair protection. Thanks to the Mexoryl SO UV-Protect technology, which keeps safe the hair from damage caused by ultraviolet rays while nourishing the capillary fiber. Apply leave-in whenever exposing your hair to the sun. Reapply whenever necessary to ensure that your hair is protected throughout the day.

Use a specific line for dyed hair to avoid fading.

Although this is care that should be taken during the whole year, the use of specific products for dyed hair is even more critical during the summer. The high temperatures and the crowded beach and pool routine accelerate the process of fading and oxidation of the color, leaving the hair and the color lifeless. Therefore, it is necessary to use specific products that take care of the color.

Also, to ensure that dyed hair receives the necessary treatment, the right products will prolong the color duration and leave it vibrant for longer.

A good recommendation is L’Oréal Professionnel’s Vitamino Color AOX line, which has shampoo, conditioner, and mask to treat dyed hair during the bath. The Vitamino Color line takes care not only of capillary fiber and hydration. It also has a concern to protect color, to ease fading and ensure a much safer washing in regards to the pH balance, which is essential to maintain the color.

L’Oreal offers another excellent choice from the same line. This is the Vitamino Color 10 in 1 Expert Series. It is perfect for taking with you on the beach and pool because of the UV protection! I have tested and loved it. Check out my review here!

Enjoy the summer to do a detox of dryers, flat irons, and other monsters

With the effects of external factors on hair during the summer, it might need a rest from the hot tools to avoid damages. The high temperatures on dyed hair will increase dryness and accelerate the process of color fading. So, instead of trying to style the hair with the heat, how about enjoying the season to bet on new hairstyles and natural finishes? You can opt hairstyles like buns and ponytails. You can also invest in good finalizers to let your hair dry naturally. On days when you need to use the hot tools, do not forget to use a good thermal protector.

Protect hair from the action of the sea water and the chlorine

Although the sun is one of the most significant factors that cause dyed hair to fade during the summer, salt water and chlorine also contribute a lot to changing the tone. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the hair before diving into the sea and pool to prevent the color and the health of your hair. The simplest way to protect is to go in the shower before entering in the water. This causes the hair to absorb “clean” water, which decreases the chance of salt and chlorine penetrating the hair. This, as mentioned before, can lead to hair dryness and color fading.

After the sea or pool, rinse the hair again in the shower to remove excess salt and chlorine. Another tip that helps protect hair from the action of salt and chlorine is to apply a little capillary oil. Apply it on your hair before diving. The product will create a protective barrier in the hair to diminish the contact between the hair and the water, avoiding the dryness and the color fading.

Hair moisturizing is the key to a beautiful and lasting color.

Capillary hydration is a step that must always be present in our summer hair care routine. To combat dryness and to prevent color fading, the treatment mask helps replenish the water and the lost nutrients. With the hair nourished and moisturized, the hair cuticles maintain their uniformity, which hinders the release of hair pigments and slows the fading process. Therefore, the treatment masks must be present in the capillary routine to maintain the integrity of the hair fiber.

L’Oréal Professionnel’s Solar Sublime mask is an excellent choice for keeping hair nourished and moisturized during the summer. It helps strengthen the hair fiber while promoting deep nutrition and hydration to recover hair after sun exposure. Apply to the hair after the shampoo and let it act for the time indicated on the package. Then rinse until the product is completely removed from the hair. Use weekly or whenever you feel your hair is getting dry.