Hair loss is one of the complaints that we hear the most in salons, especially during the summer. The combination of high temperature with increased exposure of the hair to external agents and changes in hair care habits can actually make hair fall more in hot weather. By determining the reason for the fall, you can control and regain healthy growth of your hair. To help you, we’ve put together the 5 most common causes of hair loss in the summer, plus simple solutions for each case. Check out!

1. A natural process to refresh the body

In most cases, hair loss is caused by some change in the body. Hormones and genetics can affect this process, but in the summer, a common explanation for the phenomenon is the adaptation of the organism to the hot climate. During the summer, there is less need for hair to warm the body, so the loss of hair strands is a natural reaction to preserve the balance of the internal temperature. Using a shampoo aimed at capillary dipping can help compensate for this. Bain Prevention, from the Specifique line of Kérastase, has been specially developed to treat the scalp and the length of the hair that suffer from hair loss. Its formula activates microcirculation in the region and stimulates growth from the roots. It also gives a full-bodied effect to the hair to enhance its appearance.

2. Increased oiliness and sweat at the root

Because of the heat, it is normal to sweat more during the summer. The accumulation of sweat on the scalp plus the natural oiliness in the region can clog the hair bulb, weakening the fiber and increasing the chance of breakage. Breakage is when the hair breaks along the length, unlike the fall, which occurs when hair falls from the root still with the bulb attached. This frame can also cause unwanted hair thinning.

Washing your hair helps to control the problem, as well as using cold or warm water instead of hot. Hot water stimulates the oiliness. Also, remember to thoroughly rinse the hair products to avoid the accumulation of waste. Thus, you keep the hair clean and healthy from the root to the tips.

3. Dry and loss of nutrient

Exposing the hair in the sun without a sun rays filter protector for a long time causes damage to the cuticle of the fiber and facilitates the loss of water and nutrients, causing dry hair. This brittleness causes the hair to break more easily.

To maintain healthy hair fiber, it is essential to pay special attention to hydration during the season. Invest in a thinner hair treatment line that has nourishing action. You will notice the wires regaining vitality and movement in a short time. Masque Densité from Kérastase’s Densifique collection is perfect for moisturizing and strengthening the fiber, regenerating the hair from the root to the end. Use it once a week and increase the frequency if needed.

4. Pool and seawater

Both the salt and the seawater and the chlorine in the pool can worsen the condition of dry hair, making it even easier to break.

An excellent tip to avoid breakage is to wet your hair before diving, to reduce the absorption of “less clean” water by the fiber. Soon after the dive rewash your hair, to remove the waste and preserve the health of the hair. When you return home, wash your head with shampoo as soon as possible to replenish the fiber nutrients and prevent breakage.

5. Combing wet hair

A common cause of hair breakage during the summer is combing hair when it is wet. Since most people do not want to use a dryer when it is hot, they untangle the hair right after bathing without waiting to dry. The problem is that when it is wet, the hair becomes more sensitive to breakage. This is because of the friction caused by the brush as it passes through the knots.

The best is to wait until the hair is only slightly moist before combing it to prevent it from breaking. In the case of those who have curly hair and need to untangle wet wires to avoid losing definition, the tip is to use a wide-tooth comb and make delicate movements.
Another necessary care is to use a good conditioner, which helps untie the knots, make the hair softer for the comb to slide better, and strengthen the fiber to lessen the breakage. Kérastase’s Resistance Extentioniste shampoo and conditioner are perfect. Thanks to the formula rich in Taurine and Creatine, these products give more resistance from root to tip. They strengthen the structure of the fiber to combat weakening and still help faster hair growth. Lightweight and effective, these are products that deserve a space in your beauty kit this summer.