Recently I had a lovely chat with one of my readers. One of the points we discussed was her choice of hair color. She has a blonde hair with blue ends. She shared with me that those with colored hair hears everything … There is still a lot of prejudice in our society. People tend to judge and comment without giving a chance to this personal choice. Believe me, there are really things people with colored hair want you to tell you about their hair. For this, I am sharing the reader’s point of view:

colored hair

1. No, Our Hair Won’t Fall Out

Believe me, to get this color, we tried several products, several treatments, and we know what to use and what not to. And remember that our hair can have even better care than many conventional blonds around, okay?

2. Yes, It’s A Real Hair

Different colors are not exclusive to wigs, you know? We like to have colored hair, and we have no reason to hide it.

3. Please Don’t Touch It

This reader shared that “I hate when people touch my hair! Is it to check something? To check if it’s for real? Touching someone else’s body is not cool, even if we already have some intimacy.”

colored hair

4. We Don’t Ask For Your Opinion, Thank You!

“Oh, I prefer other colors,” or “Wow, why don’t you change it?” These are really annoying comments. Each color is a thoughtful decision, and it is not the opinion of others that will make us run home to change our hair. Be polite when talking to someone with colored hair, okay?

5. We Have Compatible Jobs

The vast majority of concerns about our appearance are reflected in our professional life. Look, some professions do not require a traditional look, and there is flexibility about hair colors, tattoos, and styles. So keep in mind that we know how to ponder what is appropriate for our career and appearance.

6. No, We Don’t Want To Draw Attention

It’s not that obvious, is it? We dye our hair to please ourselves, and it has nothing to do with the need to demand attention. Many say it is a rebellion, or that it is just a phase. I mean, it’s how I feel right now, and I express myself the way I like it, period.

The message was given.