Hair loss is a major concern for men and women today. After two to twelve months after the hair loss the hair follicles, responsible for the hair growth, start losing their ability, reducing the density of the hair.

With advanced research, L’Oreal found out that stem cells play an essential role in this period of scalp tissue recovery.

Ampoules Densifique

Kérastase’s technological innovation to reverse this state is called Stemoxydine. They created a biomimetic molecule to approximate the functions of stem cells and optimize the hair cell cycle.

With the use of this release, in ten days the hair fiber will be instant with more body. After thirty days, the treatment will restore the hair mass. The  result we expect the most, which are perfect density  and improvement of hair growth, we receive after three months

How is the treatment with the Ampoules Densifique Kérastase?

In theory, products would act on the hair bulb, causing it to “wake up” faster, accelerating hair growth. The origin of perfect density hair begins in the scalp, where hair fibers are born. For this reason, you may have heard in your life that “beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp” and that it deserves the same attention we give to the face skin.

The treatment is basically in two stages. The first one is made in the salon and the second is the one we do at home.

Visit you hairdresser monthly, and do the maintenance treatment at home where you should follow three main steps. These steps are: with the Bain Densité shampoo, then with the Masque Densité mask and lastly the ampoules Densifique.

It is good, that the first application every month of treatment is made under the supervision of a professional hairdresser. The hairdresser will evaluate the course of treatment over three months.

So to summarize, perform the treatment as follows:

First step: Do it in the beauty salon with the shampoo and mask.

Step Two: Apply at home the ampoules Densifique directly to the scalp.

When you finish the ampoules, you should return to the salon. Repeat the shampoo and mask application process again and also receive an evaluation from the professional who is following your hair treatment.

Once you have done this, you will still return to the salon one more time to repeat this process.

This treatment lasts around three months, which is long enough for the increase of hair amount.

Usually, each person has around 100,000 to 140,000 hair shafts present on the scalp. If it were not for a series of changes that affect the skin of this region thousands of more hair shafts could be present on the head.

But with the new Densify Kérastase ampoules line, this problem will no longer exist in your life because through the products of this line, the density of your hair will be much higher.

Also, the Densify Kérastase ampoules promise to treat the needs of those suffering from sensitivity, hair loss, and even excess oiliness on the scalp. This line is a complete line made, especially for those who suffer from any of these problems and who always wanted to have beautiful and healthy hair.


Each ampoule contains 5% Stemoxydine, the maximum concentration of a biomimetic molecule responsible for creating a suitable environment for the development of new hair. Also, the products include a special vitamin complex (B6, B5, and B3), so that the strands grow dense and healthy.