During the summer, most women are keen to stay with the lighter hair. This is because the brighter tones perfectly match the hottest season of the year.

Along with the desire for blond hair comes the fear of having the hair damaged, as it becomes more sensitive and delicate and requires special care, especially in the summer.

How to continue with the beautiful and well-maintained hair even with the sun exposure, wind, seawater, and pool?

With the right tips and products, you can have beautiful blonde hair throughout the summer.

Hydration And Protection From The Heat

According to specialists, hydrating once a week, use a good thermal protector and not washing your hair with very hot water are the basic precautions to avoid dry hair.

Sun Protection And Moisturizing

Sunscreen for hair is required. Spraying thermal water in the wires also helps a lot. Keep it always moisturized at the beach or pool with spray conditioner or moisturizing mask.

Clean Your Hair

The pools are treated with products that end up leaving the hair with greenish reflections such as copper sulfate. Another tip is to rinse your hair with fresh water as you leave the pool.

Doing a deep cleaning is essential to remove the heavy metals and not to change the hair coloring.

Avoid Hot Tolls

If you can not stay away from the dryer and the flat iron, it is important to apply a thermal leave-in and use them at the average temperature because with the heat the hair becomes even more dehydrated.

I have separated the products and treatments that will help you and your blonde hair in the summer:

Redken – Blonde Idol

Hair treatment for blondes. Helps strengthen and enhance the brilliance of the blonde strands while maintaining their hydration and softness.

Shampoo Blonde Idol

Spray Conditioner Blonde Idol

Mask Blonde Idol



Shine Blonde – L’Oréal Professionnel

They are products with the anti-yellowing function that have the benefits to return the luminosity, the intense brightness, and the softness to the natural or dyed blonde hairs.

Shampoo Shine Blonde

Kérastase – Chroma Riche

An anti-dry treatment for hair. The products bring a perfect finish, moisturizing, shine and frizz finish to the hair.

Shampoo Chroma Riche


Mask Chroma Riche

Fluide Chroma Riche

L’Oréal Professionnel – Solar Sublime

The line that guarantees nourished and protected hair throughout the summer. The perfect balance between nutrition and protection leaves behind dry, damaged, and difficult to control hair. As a result, high protection against the sun and regenerated fibers. Invisible Spray offers protection without weighing the hair and forms a light film to keep the fiber nourished and protected against the aggression of the sea, chlorine, and sun.

Shampoo Professionnel Solar Sublime

Mask Professionnel Sollar Sublime

Spray Invisible Solar Sublime