Blonde hair has a naturally radiant look, which brightens the countenance and makes the look more youthful. To keep it healthy and beautiful, it is necessary to take good care of the fiber’s health. Following a treatment and maintenance routine that goes from shampoo to finisher, avoid the appearance of dry hair. This continuity will guarantee the shiny look and protect from oxidation that makes the blonde yellow.

The care schedule should focus on replenishing nutrients and protecting from damage. We gathered 12 tips for those who adopted blonde hair to keep their locks always light and silky. 

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Tip Number 1

Blonde hair care starts with hygiene, and the experts’ first tip is to avoid washing your head every day, so you don’t wash out the pigments. Bleaching the hair already dries the strands, so there is no need to remove the fiber’s natural oil as often. In fact, the tendency is that this habit will make your hair drier and drier.

Blonde Hair Care Tip Number 2

When washing your blonde hair, choosing the right products makes all the difference. It is essential to use products appropriate to the type of chemistry you have used, always following your trusted hairdresser’s instructions. The Refléction Chromatique line is specially developed to treat and protect colored hair, preserving the pigment and hydration of the hair.

Tip Number 3

Washing and rinsing bleached or blonde hair, always use cold or warm water. The hot water dilates the hair cuticles and can dry over time, with an opaque appearance and a rough touch. The water’s lower temperature helps to seal the fiber, enhancing shine and preserving nutrients and pigments.

Tip Number 4

In addition to hair color care, it is also essential to insert treatments for its structure. Hair nutrition is the ritual that replenishes nutrients and lipids lost over time, while reconstruction reinforces fiber and repairs damage. In this post we will show you the correct frequency and the most suitable products to set up a schedule that meets the needs of your hair.

Tip Number 5

Hair with highlights is more sensitive after discoloration, so it is good to avoid frequent use of heat tools such as a hairdryer and flat iron. Like hot water, these devices tend to dry the hair and make it more fragile and prone to breakage. So, whenever you can, let your hair dry naturally.

Blonde Hair Care Tip Number 6

When using a heat tool, first apply a heat protectant to the entire wet hair length. It helps to protect the hair from the damage those appliances cause. L’incroyable Blowdry, by Kérastase, is made with microparticles of beeswax that melt when heated and help to better fix the texture created in the hair. The best is that this product doesn’t need to be reapplied if you want to test another styling. Just reheat the thread, and the formula will act again.

Blonde Hair Care Tip Number 7

Incorporating hair oil into the care routine is essential to keep blonde hair shiny and light. It helps to seal the scales, to improve hydration, shine, and softness of the hair. The application should be made only on the length and hair ends, always starting with a small amount and adding more if necessary. Thus, the product does not weigh on the wires.

Blonde Hair Care Tip Number 8

The sun is one of the biggest causes of damage to the hair, so naturally sensitized hair, such as blonde and bleached hair, needs special protection against ultraviolet rays. The Soleil line, from Kérastase, provides the CC Crème which offers triple action of restoration, protection, and hydration for the fiber. It can be used on dry or wet hair.

Tip Number 9

All hair types must be trimmed at least once every 4 months so that the split ends are removed, and the strands always look healthy. However, due to discoloration, blonde hair can benefit from more frequent cuts to avoid dry ends’ straw effect. In general, experts recommend a touch-up cut every 4-6 weeks.

Blonde Hair Care Tip Number 10

The only way to identify exactly what types of damage the hair has suffered is to perform hair diagnostics periodically with a hairstylist. Based on the result, you will know which products are best for you to treat your hair. It is always necessary to follow the advice of a beauty professional who will certainly give you a real diagnosis and guide you in a more appropriate way to use the products.

Tip Number 11

Take advantage of visiting the beauty salon to perform deeper and more intensive treatments with products and rituals exclusive to professionals. Anyone who has blonde hair should go to the salon at least once a month, if not every 15-20 days, to keep the silky, healthy locks in the perfect color. 

Blonde Hair Care Tip Number 12

Attempting to discolor or tone light your hair at home can cause a stained or uneven result. Also, there is a risk of burning the fiber with the bleach’s inappropriate use and ending up causing a chemical cut, which is when the hair breaks due to embrittlement. Schedule a time in advance and visit a professionalist. Thus, you guarantee a homogeneous, natural, and long-lasting finish without compromising the fiber’s safety.