Every woman’s dream is to have hair with shine, health, and soft touch. However, for each type of hair, there is a different way to achieve this result. While dry hair responds well to finishers, oily strands often don’t go well with the leave-in. A person with blonde hair will have a specific care routine, while those with dyed hair will need to follow different habits. Therefore, it is essential to understand what are the main needs of your hair type. The best way to receive personalized treatment is to perform a hair diagnosis at the salon. However, some general tips can help you organize your routine. We have gathered 30 expert care tips for the most varied hair types that will surely help you to conquer the silky and healthy hair of your dreams. Check out!

Fine Hair 

1. Hit the cut to weight the hair

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The main secret to reviving fine hair is to choose the right cut. There are very different styles, lengths, and trends to try, but some models are popular for being sure bets for this type of hair. 

The best length to give volume will always be the short one. The shorter the hair, the more volume it will have. The reason is that short hair is lighter, so it tends to lift more easily, while long hair is heavier and therefore less full-bodied. If your hair is thin, the perfect is a Channel cut, and a long straight to the bra line. 

2. Making hair highlights on hair creates the impression of volume

Besides cutting, another trick that makes hair look fuller is to make lights. The use of light shades to brighten the hair highlights the texture and creates dimension in the strands, which only enhances volume. Another factor that contributes to the result is that lighter hair makes the scalp less visible, especially when the hair is thin. Opt for full-length blond locks, such as the very thin and delicate babylights, and the balayage, which has a brighter light, rather than just tipped lights.

3. Bet on the mousse to add volume to the hair

There are many good products on the market to increase the volume of fine hair. Don’t put too much of the product on your hair, because it can end up weighing the hair and causing the opposite effect. The best way to achieve a natural, long-lasting full-bodied effect is by using a few quantities, especially lightweight products such as Kérastase’s Couture Styling Mousse Bouffante. A good tip is to rub some mousse at the root and always dry your hair upside down.

Massage the scalp with wet hair and dry with the dryer. Use a round brush to help lift the strands at the root. 

Frizzy Hair

4. Washing your head the right way makes a difference

Washing the hair every day is a common habit that can increase the frizz in the hair. Frizz can have many different causes, including genetics, environmental humidity, and damaged hair . Decreasing the frequency of washes is a caution that can help almost everyone. Every time you use a shampoo, you are removing some of the hair’s natural greasiness. Instead, try to wash a maximum of 3 or 4 times a week, always using a product that helps you better align the locks like Bain Fluaseealiste from the Kérastase Discipline line. This product features MorphoKeratin technology to ensure a healthy, aligned look. 

5. Bet on a leave-in

Leave-in is an essential item for those with frizzy hair. The product is used after the bath. You don’t rinse it, so it continues acting for hours after its application. Therefore, it can seal the fiber cuticle, preventing moisture from entering, and giving more shine, softness, and discipline for a long time. The Fludissime Spray, also from the Discipline line was developed precisely for this purpose, offering anti-frizz action for up to 72h and facilitating brushing and giving a polished finish to the locks.

6. Avoid using a hairdryer, curling, and flat iron

Many people have a habit of using styling tools such as a blow dryer, curling, and flat iron to make their frizzy hair more straight. However, this practice may have the opposite effect. Although it helps to soften the creepy strands immediately, the heat of these appliances damages the hair cuticle, so in the long run, increases the tendency to frizz because of this sensitivity. If you want to eliminate frizz, you should avoid using heat tools as much as possible. When using them, always apply a suitable thermal protector before, such as L’Incroyable Blowdry from Kérastase, which contains beeswax and is reactivated every time the hair contacts the heat.

Oily Hair

7. Apply conditioner properly

Yes, people with oily hair should use conditioner. Nutrient deficiency can stimulate the production of sebum. It is therefore essential to include a mild conditioner in your care routine even if you do not apply it every day. The product should only be used after shampooing and should be applied to the length and ends. Use a small amount and increase if necessary, massaging the locks well and then rinse thoroughly.

8. Invest in a dry shampoo

If you want to control greasiness without having to wash your head all the time, dry shampoo is the best ally. Spray or powder-shaped, it is applied directly to the root and oily areas to absorb this sebum and clean appearance of the hair. With a mild scent, it even helps to suppress the odor and increases the hair volume in the region where it is applied. Therefore, it is an item that can not miss in the beauty kit of those who have thin or oily hair. Just spray, massage to spread and you’re done!

9. Choose the best shampoo for your hair

Those with greasy hair can’t always avoid washing it every day. It is important to invest in a shampoo that can give cleanliness and freshness for as long as possible. Kérastase’s Bain Divalent is a favorite of experts because it is formulated to treat both hair and scalp. Therefore, it can balance the oiliness without leaving the hair dry. Its silicone-free formula has glycine, which strengthens and moisturizes hair, and vitamin B6, which slows down sebum production, keeping the strands purified, light and beautiful for a long time.

Dry hair

10. Washing less often is essential

Hair has a natural oiliness that must be preserved and enjoyed by those with dry hair. For this, experts recommend that those with this type of hair should avoid washing it every day. This way, it will not stimulate dryness. Reduce this frequency gradually until you get into a routine that works well for you, which may vary depending on the haircut and length, cut. Generally, 2 or 3 times a week is usually enough, but a hairdresser can help you identify what is best for you.

11. Moisturizing at home can transform hair

To keep hair soft and shiny, use a conditioner every time you wash your hair. It is also important to use a hydration mask to perform a more in-depth treatment on dry hair. Opt for a formula like Le Masque Elixir Ultime, from Kérastase.  Enriched with marula oil that provides weightless nourishment & ultimate shine and camellia oil helps smooth the hair fiber, resulting in incredible shine.

The Maize Oil present in this mask delivers emollient and antioxidant active ingredients for ultimate shine, and the Pracaxi Oil is for shine, nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair. The argan oil restores strength to the hair and protects it from external aggressors.

Apply only to the length and ends, massaging each lock individually and letting it work for 5 minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly.

12. Bet on hair oil as finisher

Essential oils hair

Oil is the best ally of dry hair. This type of leave-in has highly nutritious properties and helps seal the hair fiber to retain nutrients inside longer. That is why it is perfect for finishing the hair care routine that needs an extra dose of hydration. Our tip is to bet on one of the oils of the Elixir Ultime line, to meet different needs. L’Huile Originale is the most versatile formula in the line, suitable for different types of hair and has thermal protection up to 230 ° C. The L’Huile Rose is specially designed for color-treated hair, which enhances the brightness of the color and also protects the pigment from fading. Lastly, L’Huile Légère is bi-phase hair oil. Apply to dry or wet hair and repeat as needed.

Curly hair

13. Identify the type of curl to know how to take care

Contrary to what many people think, there is not just one type of curly hair and one type of curl. There are a total of six different types of curls according to one classification widely used today. According to the rule, curly hair can be of type 3A, 3B or 3C, ranging respectively from the most open to the most closed curls. Also, the curls can be 4A, 4B or 4C, each with smaller curls than the previous type. Knowing your type makes it a lot easier when choosing a new haircut for curly hair, when applying a finisher, and even learning how to treat your hair properly. 

14. Bet on low poo

Generally speaking, the two main needs of curly hair are fiber hydration and curl definition. One habit that can help both goals is to replace the traditional shampoo with a low poo, which preserves the natural moisture of the locks. A good option is Low Poo Discipline Curl, developed by Kérastase, especially for curly hair. The cleansing conditioner formula keeps the curls hydrated from root to tip, making curls easier to shape and define. It is essential to know that it also removes debris and impurities that damage the beauty of the hair. It is, therefore, perfect for gentle and effective cleaning.

15. Hit the cut to enhance curls

Apart from the care routine, another detail that makes all the difference in curly hair is adopting the right cut. There is no single model that suits everyone, so the choice will depend on the effect each woman wants. Those who like large, moving hair can bet on a layered cut that can start at the nose and end below the shoulders. So you take some weight off and give your curls more definition. Prefer a low volume curly hair and a more discreet look? Have the hairdresser keep the entire base and create a few longer layers to lighten the ends.

Blonde Hair

16. Choose a tone that enhances your look

Many people are unaware, but choosing the right blond tone can make maintenance much simpler. If your natural hair is dark brown, opting for tighter blonde shades like caramel and honey blonde makes the color retouching in the salon faster. Also, the color stays beautiful longer. If you choose a tone that is far from natural, such as a platinum blonde, retouching will take much longer because of the more intense discoloration, and reconstruction. No doubt that hydration treatments will need to be done more often because of the greater sensitization of the strands.

17. Perform good treatments to maintain healthy hair

Regardless of the blond tone you choose, hair that goes through a bleaching process needs more treatments. Discoloration removes not only pigments but many nutrients and proteins from the strands. Therefore, wearing repair masks while showering is essential to return what your hair needs to stay healthy. In the case of blondes, one of the most popular reconstruction masks is Thérapiste, from Kérastase. This product makes hair stronger and more resistant, preventing breakage and giving softness and shine to the locks. Talk to your hairdresser to identify the optimal frequency for treatment without overloading the fiber.

18. Cut the ends regularly

Because of the regular discoloration that is required to keep blonde hair well-lit, it is common for strands to become more sensitive over time. Even those who don’t do any hair chemistry have damaged ends than the root. This is because it is an older portion of hair that has been exposed to the sun, dryer, and friction more often. In the case of blonde hair, this picture is only intensified. Therefore, to maintain a healthy appearance and to avoid thinning, split ends and breakage of the strands, be sure to trim the strands at least every three months.

Color-Treated Hair

19. Take care of the color in the shower to prevent fading

The color-treated hair can be brown, red, blue, pink, and the possibilities are endless. Whatever your choice of color is, it is inevitable that the color will fade over time. That’s why it’s essential to use good products. Look for formulas that help protect the pigment from oxidation and keep the hair beautiful for as long as possible. Kérastase’s Reflection Chromatique line is the right choice. It contains the Capture ™ System, a technology that helps fix pigment in fiber and protect the color of minerals in the water that accelerates fading. The collection allows you to customize the treatment because it has products for different types of hair. Bain Chromatique is a shampoo aimed at normal or poorly sensitized hair, while Bain Chromatique Riche is indicated for more damaged hair. Masque Chromatique is available in a version for thick hair and one for thin hair.

20. Protect the hair from the sun

One factor that significantly accelerates the fading of color-treated hair is unprotected sun exposure . The contact of UV rays with the hair damages the cuticle and facilitates the loss of pigments, and may even leave the hair stained and dry over time. Therefore, to preserve the color and the health of the hair, always apply sunblock before going to the beach, pool, or other outdoor walks. The Kérastase Soleil range offers two good options. The CC Crème , which has a denser texture and helps treat hair while protecting, and the lighter, more fluid Micro-Voile Protecteur spray . Just apply before leaving home and touch up whenever you dive.

21. Care in the saloon prolongs the color

To keep the color always uniform and protect the health of the hair fiber, dyeing your hair in the salon is often the best option. However, in addition to the color retouching, you can visit the hairdresser for treatments that revitalize the tone. Hydrating in the salon, for example, is always a good idea, but another successful help is the Ritual Chromatique.

The process consists of combining the most suitable Chromatique mask for your hair with one of the Touches of the line. Touche Red enhances the reddish reflections of the color, while the Copper Touche accentuates coppery reflections. If you want to correct unwanted reflections, the options are Touche Cool Blonde and Touche Cool Brown . The Touche Cool Blonde removes yellowish blond hair, and Touche Cool Brown lessens the reddish effect of brown hair.

To Make Hair Grow

22. Be aware of product ingredients

While many women are betting on the trend of short and medium hair, others dream of making their hair grow faster. If you are part of the second group, you are certainly looking for products that promise to stimulate this process. Pay attention to the ingredients listed on the packaging and the active ingredients of the formula.

Try to prioritize those that match your desired results. Kérastase’s Extentioniste line is one of the releases that revolutionized this market. The collection helps strengthen hair from root to tip to slow breakage and help you achieve the length you’ve always dreamed of. The formula has four main actives: Taurine, which strengthens the core of the hair, the creatine, which protects the structure and prevents weakening. The ceramides restore the hair cuticle to increase protection, and Maleic Acid strengthens the cuticles to give the fiber a uniform finish.

23. Take care of the scalp

Taking care of your hair as a whole is essential to keep it healthy, but if your goal is to stimulate growth, you need to take special care with your scalp. This is the area where the strands are born. It should always be free of debris and excess oiliness. Also, it is worth investing in a serum that strengthens the hair to grow longer and with less breakage. Extentioniste Serum is an excellent choice because it protects the follicle and has a light consistency, so it doesn’t leave the hair greasy. Use once or twice a week, always after showering, as the formula is without rinsing.

24. Reduce the damage of the hair

The main cause of the feeling that hair is always the same size is the breakage of the ends, which nullifies the constant growth of the root. Therefore, to achieve long and beautiful hair, it is essential to fight against weakening by reducing the damage suffered by the hair. The first step is to reduce the use of hot tools such as dryer and flat iron. When it is not possible to avoid them, always apply a thermal protector. It is also good to avoid combing your hair too hard. Make gentle movements, untangling the ends first. Lastly, be especially careful when the hair is wet, as it is more sensitive. Dry with the towel gently, wait to dry completely before bed to prevent friction at night, causing breakage.

25. Proper diet

Did you know that there are foods that make your hair grow faster? For hair to grow healthy and shiny, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet. Like the skin, the vitality of the hair is an external sign of health. Your hair requires a regular supply of essential nutrients to stay healthy.

Try to include spinach in your diet  as much as possible. This vegetable is rich in folic acid, vitamin A, C, and zinc, which are essential for healthy and shiny hair. The yellow bell pepper has five times more Vitamin C than an orange. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that makes hair grow, strengthens the hair follicles and hair shaft – preventing the hair from breakage. Thanks to its high concentration of essential fatty acids, avocado is ideal for accelerating hair growth because they stimulate the production of collagen. Thanks to its high biotin content, almonds make your hair grow faster and much thicker. Another favorite food that promotes healthy hair growth is sweet potatoes. They provide many vitamins, potassium, and beta-carotene. Without protein in our diet, our hair would never grow.

As you may know, hair is mainly composed of proteins, and eggs are a great source of them. Oysters are rich in zinc, deficiency of this nutrient can cause hair loss, dryness, problems in the scalp, and even eyelash loss. Grains such as soy and lentils, when added to the diet, can contribute to the rapid and healthy hair growth. Salmon contains omega-3s that makes hair grow, keeping it shiny and healthy, and protecting the body against numerous diseases. Hydration is an important part of the entire body process. A quarter of the hair is composed of water, but without proper hydration, growth will slow down, and the hair may weaken. 

For Styling With Heat

26. Always use a thermal protector

Styling tools such as drier and flat iron use temperatures to redefine the texture of the hair and assemble different looks. This heat can be very detrimental to the health of the hair because it damages the structure. Therefore, always apply a thermal protector to the length and ends before. This type of product is non-rinse and creates a barrier over the cuticle to protect the hair. This keeps the hair styled, beautiful, and healthy even after styling is finished.

27. Moisturizing often makes all the difference

Even applying the thermal protector, those who use the dryer or flat iron often need to pay special attention to the hair hydration. No need to make a significant change in routine. Applying a hydrating mask once a week during the cannon is usually sufficient. However, this is a fundamental habit not only for maintaining healthy hair and avoiding split ends but also for preserving the beauty of the look. Hydrated hair is shinier and softer, and has a super light natural movement. 

To Make Hairstyles

28. Skip conditioner to improve fixation

In most cases, the hair ends up loosening and undoing the created styling. One simple trick used by hairdressers who specialize in bridal and party hairstyles is to skip the conditioner at the time of washing the hair. The product is important to make the strands soft but often slippery too, so it increases the chances of the straps slipping. Therefore, in this type of situation, it is worth using only the shampoo and compensating using a good conditioner in the next wash.

29. Carefully choose the color of the clips and pins

Hairstyles with visible hairpins are becoming popular, but unless they’re part of the look, the clips should not be visible. For this reason, one way to make the vision more elegant is to opt for the same color as the hair. However, if the goal is to decorate your hair with these accessories, bet on metallic, colored or glossy measurements to make it clear that they are the stars of the look.

30. Finish with spray fixer

The best way to ensure that your hairstyle will last until the end of the party is by wrapping it with a fixative spray. Forget the idea of ​​a product that makes hair stiff and artificial. Instead, opt for a lightweight formula that ensures durability without compromising the look and the naturalness. Kérastase’s Couture Styling line offers two good options. Laque Couture , which has a medium fixation, anti-frizz action, and glossy effect, and Laque Noire, which provides strong fixation, shape memory, and anti-aging protection. Spray the entire hair when you are done with your hairstyle in a distance of 10-15 cm. This way, you distribute the product more naturally.