The first thing that we need to know when we talk about kids’ hair is that their hair is different from adult hair and requires special care. However, many people think that the story stops there, but they are wrong. It is also essential to take into account the hair type of your kid. After all, straight hair is different from wavy or curly, and each of these needs specific attention. Also, there are some other things that you need to be aware of when taking care of the little ones’ hair. Want to know everything? Keep reading!

Taking Care Of Straight Kids’ Hair

One of the biggest mistakes when treating kids’ straight hair is to find that this type of hair is easier to care for and, therefore, end up leaving some essential care aside.

Kids’ hair is thin and sensitive, so they require greater care and differentiated treatment compared to adult hair. During the first three years of age, the best is to use shampoo and conditioner with lacrimal PH. They are natural, avoiding allergic reactions, and don’t sting the eyes. From the age of four, you can think about directing to a line of products suitable according to their hair type.

Also, it is essential to always untangle and comb kids’ hair. Ponytails should always be done with dry hair to avoid weakening and breaking the strands. Check out other tips from the expert now:


Dear parent, do not underestimate the importance of each product for your kid’s hair. Let’s start talking about the shampoo. It must be made for kids and for straight hair too because that way, you will be sure that this product will meet the child’s hair needs without damaging the hair. The best thing is to wash your kid’s straight hair every other day. That’s because washing the little one’s hair every day ends up drying the scalp, causing the production of excess oil. It is also not recommended to go more than two days without washing, as this is a hair that tends to get greasy.


Straight hair generally does not suffer much from dryness and has a natural shine and balance. For this reason, many parents end up leaving the conditioner aside, considering it an unnecessary product, but this is not true. Even if the child’s straight hair can maintain its hydration for longer, a moisturizing replacement is always necessary, as the hair loses its natural hydration daily. The conditioner will hydrate this hair to the right extent, in addition to sealing the cuticle and promoting emollience that will prevent tangling. This is because even straight hair tends to have knots. It is also essential to pay attention to the amount of this product. Remember that this type of hair is already naturally hydrated. Therefore, it can get heavy and oily if you apply too much conditioner during the bath.

Hair cream

Combining cream is another product that many people think is expendable for children with straight hair. That’s right, it is not exclusive to those who have curls or curly hair. This product helps a lot to untangle the strands after washing the hair of the little ones who spent all day running. Also, it makes the highlights brighter and avoids frizz.

When buying children’s products for straight hair, it is essential to know all the tips we talked about earlier and give preference to the lightest products that treat hair without leaving it heavy or oily. Fairy Tales line has a novelty for your children’s straight hair. All products have a mild formula. Also, they are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Taking Care Of Kids’ Curly Hair

Of course, a child’s hair has not generally gone through much damage, so it does not need deep care. However, this care cannot be underestimated, especially in the case of children with curly hair. Curly hair has a greater tendency to dry, due to the shape of the spiral curls. The natural oil of the scalp has greater difficulty going down the strands’ length and ends. Thus, the curved hair of the little ones can be a bit more dry and fragile. So, do not give up products that can hydrate these threads, OK !?

The first step is washing. Choose a light shampoo for curly and frizzy hair that gently cleans without drying the hair. It is also good that this type of hair is not washed daily, as it can leave you even drier. Therefore, wash it every two days on average. The conditioner is another product that should be part of the routine care to moisturize the hair and avoid knots, as we said. Just keep an eye on the quantity. Even though it is curly hair, we cannot forget that it is a thinner and more delicate hair and does not need excessive amounts.

You must use a good cream to comb, not only to define the hair, but to moisturize and, mainly, help in the untangling of that hair.

Detangling curly hair without combing cream can cause discomfort for the child, and breaking the strands. It is also essential to invest in the right products to make this process faster. That way, the child will not be bored or feel pain while combing. An incredible suggestion for a finisher is the Cantu Care for Kids. This kit promotes frizz control and extra shine. Cool huh!? 

Try to avoid too tight elastics when styling children with curly hair. They can damage the hair and hurt the child. Always use soft and loose rubber bands.

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What Parents Need To Know?

Check below the main things that mothers and fathers should be aware of when caring and investing in products for their children’s hair.

  • Always check the packaging. It should be hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Also, it should be made for children and for your child’s hair type.
  • Never use very hot water, because it can harm the health of the hair.
  • Never use a comb on dry hair. It will facilitate hair breakage. The comb is for wet hair only, so choose the brush instead. 
  • Use hairdryer only on cold days or if you need to wash your child’s hair before going to bed
  • Avoid washing the hair at night, Don’t let children sleep with wet hair. This will damage both hair and overall health.
  • Never use hair products for adults. These products can be harmful to children’s health and hair.

Most Common Questions From Parents

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Why it is so important to use the right products in the children’s hair?

Answer: Products developed for adults may contain substances that are aggressive to children’s skin and hair, which are more delicate and fragile. The products for children are designed especially for them and undergo much more rigorous tests to prove that they will not harm the child. It also brings greater safety to mothers and fathers.

Do I need to moisturize?

Answer: From the age of three, it is possible to hydrate the hair, but without chemical use. The use of products should be prioritized, according to each type of hair, just to leave it silky and hydrated.

Should I apply combing cream?

Answer: Combing cream is indicated more for curly or thicker hair, as they help untangle this type of hair more easily. In the case of more unruly hair, you can even use a gel or leave-in, finishers, which help control the volume of the hair. In children with straight hair or thinner hair, there is not so much need to use styling cream, as it can make the hair heavier and oily.

At what age is it advisable to cut children’s hair?

Answer: There is no specific age to cut children’s hair. It is essential to observe the comfort and the need of each one, for example, to prevent the fringe from falling over the eyes. It is also necessary to remember that many babies lose their hair, leaving their hair uneven. This makes the hair cutting necessary.

Is it possible to cut children’s hair at home?

Answer: Yes, it is possible, but it is not recommended. In general, it can even be dangerous, as children move around a lot and can get even more agitated during the cut. They can get hurt with scissors, so better to have a professional, preferably those specialized in cutting children’s hair. That’s because they have techniques and distractions for the little ones making them calmer for the cut. Also, straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair are entirely different. Therefore, they require specific techniques when cutting. kids hair

Can children use a hairdryer and flat iron?

Answer: It is necessary to respect the child’s sensitivity. Usually, up to the age of three, they have no tolerance for using a hairdryer and much less flat iron. From the age of four, these procedures are indicated only on special occasions (such as weddings or parties in general). The constant use of these equipment leaves the hair weak and dry, which impairs the healthy development of the threads that pass through various stages of transitions.

Can you wash children’s hair every day?

Answer: Washing the hair of newborns and children is allowed, depending only on the wishes of the parents or the climate. On colder days, it should be avoided. In the hottest days or when the child performs various activities that make him sweat a lot, it is recommended to wash it. “The important thing is not to sleep with wet hair.

Do children with wavy and curly hair require more care?

Answer: Kids with wavy and curly hair need more care. It is good to moisturize them more often since wavy and curly hair tends to be drier. Also, the use of combing cream helps to untangle the strands.

At what age can I do chemical procedures in children’s hair?

Answer: This is a personal choice, as it will depend on the wishes of the parents. However, we believe that it is more suitable for puberty, between 11 and 13 years old. Before that age, we consider that performing any chemical procedure is too early because the scalp and the children are in the development phase. Remember that hair with chemistry requires even more care, which a child usually cannot do without the help of parents.

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Special Tip: Four Tips To Make Bathing Fun

How about following these tips and make your kids’ bath time more fun and practical? 

1. Understanding the importance of bathing

Teaching children the importance of washing every part of the body, such as hair, face, or feet, can make bathing more interesting.

Children always like to discover new things, and you can still play games with them by asking a question and answer to find out if they learned why bathing is essential.

2. Little songs to animate

Playing songs that the child likes during the bath guarantees a much more lively and high spirits. Children love animation, and this is the perfect trick.

3. Nice smelling products and colorful toys

Smells and colors create a happy and stimulating environment for the little ones. They must always associate bath time with something positive.

4. Rewards

Try to encourage your child to appreciate bath time. Make them want that time of day to come. For that, play with rewards. Always try to arrange some fun activities for the time after the shower, even if it is something simple and quick.

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Are you ready to take care of your kids’ hair the right way and with all the love in the world? So put our tips into practice and tell us how it was the bath time!