Hair with dandruff is very common in men and women of different ages. The picture does not have a specific period of the year to appear, but can be softened or aggravated by certain habits typical of each season.

Many people have the impression that dandruff increases in the summer, so you need to understand what factors this season may be contributing to it. We have some important information on the subject to guide you in the treatment, as well as expert tips to care of your hair to correct and prevent this problem. Check out!

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Hair With Dandruff In Summer: Is It True That The Season Worsens It?

There is no scientific evidence that dandruff worsens during the summer. In fact, it is common to see an increase in the cold months, when people wash their heads less frequently, and the oil accumulated in the scalp aggravates the picture. For those who have dandruff, it is, in fact, a problem that can occur during the whole year. It is caused by a microbe in the scalp that is always present.

Summer can also contribute to the appearance of dandruff. High temperatures and humidity, which facilitate the proliferation of fungi that cause the formation of these flakes.

On the other hand, the more frequent hygiene of the hair and the baths with cold water helps to keep the situation under control.

During the summer months, several factors can make the symptoms appear worse, including:

The heat

As temperatures rise, the microbe that causes dandruff, Malassezia, has a greater tendency to proliferate, increasing the possibility of dandruff.

The sweat

This may also provide the perfect conditions for Malassezia to proliferate.

The Pollution

In warmer seasons, we go out more, and this puts us in contact with more pollutants that can harm the natural defenses of your scalp. With low defenses, you run a higher risk of having dandruff.

Essential Care for Hair Dandruff in Summer

When we talk about treating a specific hair problem, the first step is to invest in products specifically for that purpose. Therefore, in the fight against dandruff, the anti-dandruff shampoo will be your main ally. Invest in a formula like Bain Anti-Pelliculaire, from the Specifique line of Kérastase. This shampoo has Zinc Pyrithionate, with antibacterial action, and Salicylic Acid to stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms. The silicone-free composition can be used on all types of hair and offers up to 8 weeks of protection without recurrence of dandruff. As in the summer, the body sweats more, remember to wash your hair regularly to remove excess oiliness.


The use of products other than shampoo requires a bit of caution. Conditioners, masks, and finishers should never be used on the roots. It is essential to moisturize your hair frequently during the summer, but as these products tend to have a thicker consistency, they may accumulate debris in the root and worsen the flaking. Applying a good conditioner only in length and at the tips already helps a lot in the prevention of oily dandruff. The perfect complement to anti-dandruff shampoo is the Masque Hydra-Apaisant, also from the Specifique line of Kérastase,  which can even be used from the scalp to the tips to provide freshness, softness, region for wires.

An important tip is to avoid taking too hot baths. Cold or warm water is the best since very high temperatures can dry out and irritate the skin, increasing oil production at the root and hence dandruff. Another tip is not to sleep with wet hair. The combination of wet and heat tends to facilitate the proliferation of fungus, causing dandruff. Even after taking a refreshing bath at night, remember to wait for the hair to dry naturally or use a hairdryer.

Natural ways to treat dandruff


The Lemon is a natural fruit full of acidic properties and helps to remove old dead skin and dandruff. It will also help remove itching of the scalp.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the best things to apply on the hair to give it nutrition. Extract of aloe vera gel from the plant leaf and before bath use this gel on the scalp and hair. This will make your hair smooth along with eradicating dandruff.

Vinegar to remove dirt and dandruff

Use an equal amount of vinegar and water apply on your scalp. Leave it overnight, and the next day, comb your hair. The acidic property of vinegar will help remove dandruff.

Treat dandruff with olive oil:

Apply the oil on the scalp and massage the scalp gently with the tips of the fingers. Wrap the hair with a warm towel for one hour. This will help the olive oil to penetrate the skin and remove dandruff.

Apply coconut oil to remove dandruff

Coconut oil can also help you to stop dandruff. Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties. Since fungal diseases cause the dandruff, this oil will not only put an end to dandruff, but it will also give nutrition to the hair and scalp.


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