Not always looking into the mirror, we see exactly what we want to see. We see our hair, and sometimes the view does not even come close to the image we have built up in our minds. Dandruff, hair loss, and oiliness lead to anxiety and the search for different methods to resolve these disorders.

Some of the hair problems are related to improper care, but also to lifestyle and eating habits. Hair also needs a full supply of food to make it look alive, soft, and volumized.

Many times we look for natural formulas to treat these problems, and we do not even imagine that this condiment can also be the solution.

turmeric for hair

Turmeric For The Hair? Really?

Turmeric for hair is one of the beauty rituals of Indian women. The ancient recipe of these women traveled around the world to help our hair to be healthier and more beautiful. This spice is also known as Indian turmeric, and it is present in different gastronomic dishes.

The turmeric has nutrients and chemical elements with medicinal powers, acting in the treatment and prevention of numerous diseases. The powerful turmeric has left the world of cooking and is dominating the cosmetics market. It can already be found in formulas of shampoos, conditioners, hair, and skin creams.

For the hair, the vitamins and minerals help the blood circulation of the scalp and then stimulate the hair growth.

This spice has anti-inflammatory properties and has a significant amount of Iron, Manganese, Vitamin B6, Fiber, and Potassium.

The orange color of turmeric has the power to promote hair and scalp cleaning, removing elements that can prevent the production of new hair.
Not only that, using this ingredient in hair will bring more shine.

Learn more about the turmeric and it health benefits!

The Benefits Of Turmeric For Your Hair

To restore dry hair

Turmeric perfectly nourishes dry, weakened and damaged hair. With its help, you can return to the curls with brightness and shine. Masks are very effective at fighting dry and split ends.


The antioxidants in turmeric make the product bactericidal and antifungal. This means that applying hair masks with this spice will help in the fight against dandruff and seborrhea. With regular use of turmeric, dandruff will disappear.

Against oily skin

Oily hair is a real problem for many women who have to wash their hair every day. Masks with turmeric will help you narrow the pores in the scalp, normalize the secretion of oily fat, make the curls fresh and clean for a long time.

Against scalp itching

The antiseptic properties of turmeric are known by many, so the seasoning is often used for severe itching of the scalp, causing wounds and excoriations in the epidermis.

Hair coloring

Turmeric is a natural dye that lasts a long time and leaves a soft reddish color in the hair. If the hair is light, the color will be more visible. If the hair is darker, the yellow tone will be noticeable only in the sunlight.

How To Use The Turmeric For Hair

First of all, you need to know that turmeric is a powerful dye that can leave yellow and orange marks on the body. Washing them is quite difficult. Therefore, it is better to perform cosmetic procedures with gloves, old clothes and towels, and unused bowls in your kitchen to prepare the mixture. Be prepared for the fact that turmeric is poorly washed from the surface of the bath or sink, where you will wash your hair.

Turmeric can simultaneously promote growth and suppress hair activity. If you want to restore hair health, turmeric should be applied directly on the hair itself, it is advisable not to rub it on the scalp and further to prevent the mixture from entering in contact with bald spots.

If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, turmeric should be used in a special way. First, you need to do epilation so that the hair is completely removed, along with the root. It is convenient to make wax, or electric epilator, procedure. After depilation, apply a mixture of turmeric and any vegetable oil on the skin. It is necessary to carefully massage the area of ​​the skin where the unwanted hair grows. The turmeric penetrates the root of the hair, inhibits the growth activity of the hair. Also, turmeric perfectly soothes the irritated epilation of the skin.

Hair masks with turmeric

For dry, weak and damaged hair:


1 spoon of turmeric, vegetable oil and honey
1 egg yolk

How to prepare:

Any vegetable oil will serve – olive oil, almond oil, and even sunflower oil. Mix the egg yolk with a spoonful of honey, the same amount of turmeric and vegetable oil. If the mixture is thick, you may lightly dilute it with milk or warm water. Apply it to your hair, wash after 45 minutes. The mask also deals with double ends.

For dandruff, scalp itching, seborrhea, and fungal infections.


Turmeric, aloe juice and nettle

How to prepare:

Prepare a strong decoction of nettle, mix with turmeric to get a creamy mixture. Add a tablespoon of fresh aloe juice. Apply to the roots of the hair. After 30 minutes, rinse it well.

For brightness and liveliness of the curls.


1 tablespoon of turmeric and glycerin
Gelatin poured in milk

How to prepare:

The gelatin should be poured with milk and left in a warm place. Then add a tablespoon of glycerin and the same amount of turmeric. Apply the mask over the entire length of the hair. Leave for half an hour.

Against hair loss


3 tablespoons of turmeric and honey
2 tablespoon of powdered milk

How to prepare:

In a bowl add the ingredients and apply throughout the scalp. Let it act for 20 minutes then wash your hair as usual.

Turmeric Shampoo

Another way to use this spice in your hair to end its fall and promote growth is to use turmeric in your shampoos

How to prepare:

You can mix a tablespoon of turmeric in a 200 ml glass of neutral shampoo and use it for washing the strands, always massaging with the fingertips on the scalp.

If you prefer, the market already offers products with turmeric, and you can choose your favorite brand.

Product Suggestions:

dove turmeric

It is designed to nourish and repair damaged hair. It was inspired by Indian women who use mixtures of coconut oil and turmeric in their beauty rituals to nourish and care for their hair.

Aveda shampoo turmeric

This shampoo contains turmeric and ginseng and works to cleanse and decongest the scalp, while also protecting against hair breakage.


The turmeric is an incredible plant whose root is used everywhere, some people even grow it. Not a single wedding ceremony in India is complete without this seasoning. The turmeric is famous in cosmetology, folk medicine, cooking. Be sure to keep turmeric at home and use it for the beauty and the health of your hair.