See how to take care for your hair after 40 years of age.

As we age, just like our skin, the hair also begins to appear more fragile and sensitized. In addition to external aggression, hormone levels and medications greatly influence the hair’s health over the years. That is why, from the age of 40, it is necessary to take some extra care so that the hair always remains beautiful and shiny.

The good news is the time when beauty has age is gone. Increasingly, women preserve style icons and body care status even after completing 40, 50, or 60 years. Going against the dictatorship of beauty and youth, they prove that the marks of the time must be celebrated and not condemned.

If you are entering this chapter of life, prepare to notice changes in the body. Hair is the first to require adaptations in the care routine, either because of dryness or the appearance of gray hair. To help you adapt to the new moment and remain beautiful and powerful, we have some valuable tips on the subject. Check out!

Invest In Quality Combs And Brushes

At about 40 years of age, hair begins to fall more and become thinner and more fragile. Therefore, it needs a little extra care! It is always essential to avoid certain habits that aggravate these problems. Some of these habits are tying you hair too tightly or abusing chemicals. Also, it is worth investing in combs and brushes of good quality to reduce the threads’ stress.

Start Giving More Importance To Hydration After Reaching 40 Years

At this age, your hair’s texture and quality are probably not the same. Factors such as porosity, dryness, and white hair make the hair more opaque and with more frizz. So if you used a conditioner and treatment mask before, it is important now to pay even more attention to these product. The best is to build a specific capillary schedule for your hair needs. This schedule will include hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction. This ritual helps to restore the shine, softness, and lightness of the strands.

Know Your Hair’s Natural Texture Better After 40 Years Of Age

Naturally, insecurities about appearance start to subside with age, and you start to feel better in your own body, right? The same must apply to the hair. If you are one of those who do not leave the house without a hairstyle, how about rediscovering your hair’s natural texture and learning to take care of it? With the right cut, some finishing tricks, and specific products, you may start to love your waves or curls without chemistry or heat tools! But what really matters is feeling good about yourself. Whether it means the use of chemicals or frequent straightening, only you can decide.

Pay More Attention To Your Food

Another thing that should also be improved with age is food. If before, what you ate already made all the difference in your appearance, now, it is even more! All bad habits are more painful at this time of life, and hair and skin are among the first to be affected. Sweets, processed foods, and fried foods should be banned from the menu and alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee. They strengthen the free radicals responsible for the loss of collagen, which is also present in the hair besides being present in the skin.

Bet On A Cut That Suits Your Style And Personality

Another essential tip for hair care after 40 is to have a cut that matches your personality and the way you dress. Both the size and color must be according to your face shape, skin color, eyes, and style as a whole.
Short strands are commonly used to circumvent changes caused by hormonal changes – because they are easier to deal with – but don’t limit yourself to the idea that older women must wear short colored hair. Analyze the time you have to take care of your hair and bet on a cut and color that will enhance your beauty and make you feel good, healthy, and happy.