Have you thought about keeping that delicious scent of a clean hair for longer? Maybe you haven’t imagined that one day this could be possible, but now it is. You can keep the feeling of a hair that just got out of the shower and stays with always scented hair with the famous hair perfumes.
This product with specific fragrances for each type of hair gained fame in the middle of 2013 and became a trend between hairstylists and fashionistas two years later, launched by well-known brands such as Chanel and Dior.

The brands have introduced typical aromas, with specific versions for each hair texture and with benefits to make our hair fragrant and super hydrated, which results in a lot more softness and luster in the hair. For this, there are various formulas in spray form, which can be applied to both dry and wet hair.

Also, other than the traditional scent we use on our skin, the scent for hair has a longer duration, which is justified by the fact that the hair has more neutral pH than the skin, favoring the fixation of the molecules.
Want to know more about hair perfume, how to use it and what are its benefits to our hair? So, keep reading the next few paragraphs of this article.

What Is Hair Perfume?

The hair perfume is nothing more than a capillary spray that helps eliminate the bad odors of the hair, leaving it scented. The product is perfect to avoid the smell of sweat, since the head is a very hot part of the body, especially if you also use a hairdryer or a straightener, which transmit even more heat to that region.

This spray can be applied to dry or wet hair and can prolong the scent of hair for much longer. It can be found in different versions for each hair type. Some of them have ingredients based on silicone or oil, which also gives a moisturizing power to the hair, leaving it soft and shiny.
Another advantage of the hair perfume is that, unlike other hair spray products, it will not leave the hair looking heavy, if applied correctly. How to apply it correctly? See below:

How to use?

As well as any hair spray products, such as thermal protector, dry shampoo, among other types of hair finalizers, the hair perfume should be applied at a distance of at least 30 centimeters from the hair. Try to avoid applying the perfume on your scalp.
Taking such care will help prevent damage such as falling and breaking the strands in the future. This is because applying this or any other spray on the scalp can cause the accumulation of waste in the hair follicles, clogging them and making it difficult for new hair to be born, as well as causing those who are already born to fall out.

Another problem that may appear when using hair perfume in the wrong way is excess of oiliness which in turn is responsible for dandruff.
The product can be used daily after regular washing. It is not recommended to use heat devices, such as hair dryer and straightener, after application. Otherwise, you can “burn” your hair. In this same sense, it is also best to avoid sun exposure after applying the spray.

Does hair scrub hurt?

This will depend on the way you will use the product. The hair perfume brings fragrances different from those found in traditional perfumes for the skin. They are more delicate and suitable for applying to the hair, which means they will not harm your scalp or hair. However, it is necessary to apply it according to the tips I taught above, always at a distance of 30 centimeters from the hair and never use at the root. With this, you will avoid problems like dandruff and hair loss, which are caused by the accumulation of products in the hair follicles.
Also, some women tend to use traditional perfumes to improve the smell of their hair. Never do that! These products are made from alcohol, a component that can do very bad to the scalp, causing the development of several problems at the roots, in addition to androgenetic alopecia.

Which are the best brands?

Now that you already know all about hair perfume, it’s time to find out which are the best brands and start using the product. Check out:

Valentino Donna Hair Mist

With sweet and striking fragrance, it is ideal for women who like stronger perfumes to leave their scent in the air. This hair perfume condition protects and smoothes the hair.

Chance Hair Mist by Chanel

With fabulous floral fragrance, this is the most beloved hair scent among bloggers.

Hair Mist by Miss Dior

It is the best fragrance for most romantic women. Enriched with active ingredients that nurture and protect hair. Infused with an intense, sensual and sophisticated fragrance. Leaves hair soft, smooth and fresh. Here you can see my review about this product.

Jadore Eau Lumiere Hair Mist by Dior

Another favorite brand! This hair perfume has as its characteristic a remarkable and incredible fragrance. A delicate mist to protect the hair while infusing it with the iconic fragrance of J’adore Eau Lumière. This infinitely light mist is enriched with cotton nectar and jasmine flower extract to protect the hair against environmental aggressors and restore its fresh shine instantly.

La Petite Robe Noire Hair Mist

From the Guerlain brand, this is also an excellent perfume for hair. It is a fruity floral fragrance. A perfect option for those who do not like sweet perfumes.

Did you enjoy reading more about hair perfumes? Do you usually use this type of product in your hair? Share your experience in the comments below!