This post is dedicated to all amazing mothers in the world! Happy Mother’s Day!

You never thought that this would happen, but it is a fact – since your child was born, you have no time for yourself. It is lovely that you want to be the perfect mother, but don’t let yourself become a tired creature with wrinkled skin, greasy and shaggy hair, and torn clothing. So, if you don’t like yourself this way, imagine how your husband and child feel about it. There is always time to become a bitter and frustrated housewife. Isn’t it better to try to spend half an hour a day only for yourself? Believe us that is perfectly achievable.

Use Dry Shampoo

You are busy mom and you have to go out in 10-15 minutes, and you have no time to wash your pretty dirty hair. The dry shampoo will save you. Think about what you will wear while applying it. Then jump into your clothes, and you’re ready to go.

Change Your Hairstyle

You are busy mom, we got it! As soon as you have 20 minutes free, go to your hairdresser. Explain to him that you do not have time for complicated hairstyles and long hanging in front of the mirror. Ask him to cut you short and make you a haircut that only needs to lightly fix the hair with your fingers or comb to look good.

If you insist on your long hair, do not always tie it in the same way. There are at least ten different ways to tangle it – tall, low, tight, loose, bind it on one side or weave a scarf in the right color.

Hair tips Busy Moms

Take A Shower With Your Kid

If your kid is not a baby anymore, you can join the bathroom together. Put it in the warm water basin whit a lot of foam, give him toys and talk to him while you use these inexpensive minutes in the shower to exfoliate your skin, take care of your feet and finally put a hair mask.

Hair tips Busy Moms

Make Some Time At Least To Trim The Hair Ends

In the last case, take the child to the saloon with you. Don’t let it go for many months without cutting at least the ends of your hair. You are an example for your children!

A hair with split and dry ends is very difficult to save. The good thing is that you will not spend much time and money just to cut the hair ends.

Think about more tricks you can use to steal a little time for yourself. The truth is, that the happier, the smoother and the confident the mother is, the calmer and the happier her children are. So look at the following things – care for your treasure by taking care of yourself.