The most romantic date of the year has arrived. It doesn’t matter if it is the first date or another year in the couple’s life, celebrating Valentine’s Day is always important to rekindle the romance of the relationship. We are all with this celebration in mind. How about taking the opportunity to do a little more for our look and change our hairstyle? To boost the look and surprise your loved one, choose a hairstyle that can change the story of your day. Below you will find our hair tips to rock on Valentine’s Day.

Loose Hair On Valentine’s Day

hair Valentine's day

It is a style that matches any look. If you have straight hair, try changing the texture, curling, or apply a little volume at the root to give a deconstructed touch to the hairstyle.

Loose hair is sensual and perfect for the special day. It is sensual, especially if it gains more volume and movement. From the most natural style to a more refined and worked-out look, the style is easy to make and only needs clean hair and a good finish. As on that day, the exchange of caresses is more than mandatory, invest in products that do not leave the hair greasy and keep it with a perfect texture when your loved one passes the hand. Loose hair is also perfect for more intimate programs because the look is beautiful without looking too exuberant.

Curly Hair On Valentine’s Day

The wavy hair can be modeled with a braid embedded on the top or side braid leaving a semi-attached and super romantic look.

High Bun

hair Valentine's day

A high or low bun also goes well, it can be well shaped or with that messy effect that gives an extra dose of sensuality to the look.


hair Valentine's day

Ponytails are the most practical and never go out of style. Variations in the height of the tail can completely change the effect you are looking for.

Minimalist Look

Minimalist looks that only have a single accessory to compose are a strong trend in the fashion world.

Simpler Hairstyles

Simpler hairstyles combine with more basic programs. The couples’ favorite program is to go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. To boost the look, invest in simpler hairstyles, full of details. This way, you will look beautiful without looking “untouchable.” Braids, simple buns, and ponytails will give grace to your personality. As you have already survived the first meeting, and you don’t need to be afraid of the beloved’s hair judgments.

Chic Girl Hair On Valentine’s Day

If the place is very chic or the night stretches in a different place that requires a more prepared look, choose hairstyles that look beautiful without having to do a lot of work, like buns with a built-in braid, side braid or a fan bun, which besides being fast, can be fixed overnight if needed.

Another option is to invest in accessories, which will give charm without much effort.

Combine With Makeup, But Don’t Exaggerate

As a night program requires a unique look. In addition to the hair, choose an outfit according to the location. Brightly colored lipsticks are beautiful, but kissing your boyfriend will leave him with a stained month. To avoid this problem and enjoy the night, invest in the eye area with a marked outline, and a good mascara for example, and leave the mouth with natural color.
Regardless of the chosen look, it is necessary to always keep in mind that healthy hair provides a much more beautiful hairstyle and looks much shinier without frizz, as it has no porosity and open cuticles. Protecting your hair from the use of heat with a thermal protection leave-in is essential. If it has an anti-frizz feature, it will help you keep your hairstyle for longer.