Cold, rainy winter days often pose a problem for women: the goosebumps. The so famous and feared hair frizz is even more common for this season. The good news is that the rebellious hair can be controlled with some care that will help the hair to stay hydrated and controlled. The leave-in is one of the best allies to seal the hair shafts and return the excellent appearance. If you are part of the group of women who, like me, suffer from frizzy hair during the winter, come with me, and I will explain what we need to do to prevent the hair from getting “creepy”.

Those who do not have straight hair know very well how much frizz bothers, especially if the strands have gone through some chemical process. But what happens to the hair to behave like this at this time of the year?
First of all, we need to clarify that frizz is nothing more than new hair or that more dry and opaque hair, which can indicate signs of carelessness. The solution for this unwanted companion is the famous hydration! Weekly, at home or in the salon, it is essential at this time of year to keep hair healthy and nourished.

Why Does Hair Tend To Be More Rebellious In The Winter?

This is because it is a time when the climate is drier and with little humidity, favoring the dehydration of the hair. Also, the frequent use of the dryer and flat iron contributes to dryness.

What Types Of Hair Are Most Likely To Have Frizz In The Winter?

Porous, dehydrated, and dry hair. That is why it is essential to take good care of your hair before the cold arrives. This way, it will be prepared for the wind and humidity.

Frizzy Hair And Winter Care

Avoid hot baths

frizzy hair winter

The temperature drops, and all we want is to take a hot shower, relax, and get rid of the cold a little. But the hair can be affected by this process because the high temperature of the water removes all the natural oil from the scalp. This natural oil is responsible for the protection and lubrication of the hair. Without it, the hair becomes more dry, brittle, and unwanted split ends. In extreme cases, this acts oppositely, leaving the threads with a greasy appearance, but in a negative way. Therefore, the most important tip of all is to keep the baths warm, even in the cold of winter.

Protect the heat of the dryer

frizzy hair winter

After a shower, the cold seems to be greater, doesn’t it? During this period, we usually use the dryer and the flat iron to prevent the hair from wet and increasing the feeling of cold. When drying your hair, never rub the towel on the strands, and always bet on a good thermal protector. Also, remember never to sleep with wet hair, OK? In winter they take even longer to dry and can increase the chances of dandruff and hair loss.

Use wood comb

Especially when straightening your hair after washing, another factor that influences frizz is the type of comb that you use. Give preference to those made of wood, as they do not produce electricity.

Be careful with the chemistry

Some people may think that doing hair dye or chemistry at this time of year is even more aggressive, but this is more connected with the care that the person already has with the hair. For example, hot water fades the color. And if in winter you wash it with hot water, in addition to fading, it will damage the fiber. Now, if you take the necessary care, you can dye it at any time of the year.

When it comes to chemistry, there’s not much to invent. It is necessary to choose a good professional, who knows how to make a test with some strands to see if the hair will not break or if the product will not generate an allergic reaction. Another tip is to keep the hair well hydrated.

Hydrate your hair

Essential oils hair

It is always important, but in the period when hair tends to get drier, it is essential. Once a week, apply your favorite hydrating mask and let it act for at least 3 minutes. Ah, a good tip is to always massage the scalp to activate circulation and oxygenation.

Since hair with frizz is dry, moisture-free, and porous hair, it is worth investing in oils, such as coconut oil and avocado oil. There is also a homemade trick to eliminate frizzy hair in the winter. In the last wash, mix a spoonful of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and apply it to your hair. It will minimize the frizz a lot.

If you are looking for novelty in the world of hydration, there is an advanced technology due to the nano molecules obtained by a unique enzymatic process, which guarantees the rejuvenation of the hair with maximum hydration, shine, and intensive vitality.

Detox time

Hydration is good, but it does not have much result if the hair is not properly cleaned to receive it. Deeply clean the hair and scalp. This way, you will prepare the hair to receive the hydration nutrients, and for that, the capillary detox is perfect.

Leave-in helps hydrate and align open cuticles

Its primary function will be to help when untangling the hair without causing breakage and to prevent it from drying out, causing frizz. For this to happen, the best is to look for products that have ceramides in the formula, as they help to nourish and repair the locks more efficiently.
Applying the product without rinsing helps to seal the threads during the day without weighing the look. It works by restoring the necessary nutrition and keeping the scales of the hair aligned, in addition to repairing the damage caused by the heat of the dryer.

How To Disguise The Frizzy Hair In The Winter

Comb the wet hair and apply a CC Cream. Then, if you are going to use the dryer, be sure to apply a thermal protector. Use a round brush to lift the root. Make sure you dry the hair very well, otherwise, if it gets damp, the frizz can appear and mess up the look.

See? It is not difficult to conquer the softness and shine that you love and, also, escape from the dry aspect that often takes care of the hair during the winter. Remembering that regular care is essential in all seasons.