The coldest season of the year has come, and many people notice their hair  is becoming drier, duller, and with no life. This is because, on colder days, there is less production of sebaceous glands, so hair tends to dry out more easily. In winter, when the humidity is low, your hair may become dry. During the summer, we let our hair dry naturally, but during the winter, it is very common to use the hairdryer. As we all know, the hairdryer dries out the hair even more. To restore the softness and vitality of the hair, it is essential to adapt the proper routine, prioritizing moisturizing products, and taking care of the main external agents that cause damage. We’ve put together some tips to help you take care and keep your hair radiant and healthy during the winter. Check out!

Apply Finishers

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Use finishers to prevent hair ends drying. The most recommended is Argan oil. It can be right after a shower or with dry hair. This fights dryness and helps to reduce hair frizz, very common at this time.

Use Conditioner

The conditioner is a good friend of the hair on cold days as they seal the cuticles and give more shine and softness. Every time you wash your hair, try to use a product that is appropriate for your hair type and for the time recommended by the manufacturer. This way, the substances will be absorbed more efficiently and will give the desired effect.

Avoid Hot Water

care hair winter

It’s basic and shaken, but it’s real: Avoid very hot water as it removes all the natural oils from skin and hair, causing dryness. 

During the winter, the temptation to leave the water at a high temperature is enormous. The problem is that this increases the greasiness of the scalp excessively.

Hot water also opens the cuticles, breaking the strands, and removing the shine. 

The temperature should be a maximum of 35 to 40 degrees. This is the temperature that slightly blurs your bath mirror. If the entire mirror is blurry, the water should be around 60 degrees, which will harm your hair.

If you can’t make the shower cooler, at least try to finish the cleaning with cold water as this will close the cuticles. 

Be Careful With The Hair Dryer

It is more common to use a hairdryer in the winter. The hairdryer dries out the hair even more, so this appliance should be used sixty centimeters from the hair to prevent scalp heating and scaling. Always use a thermal protector and let the air a little colder.

Dry Your Hair Well Before Leaving The House

Drying your hair well is another important tip for the winter. On those days, avoid the temptation to go out with your hair wet, because when it occurs at too low temperatures, evaporation is less and the scalp will be soaked longer.

This kind of situation weakens the hair, leaving it brittle and even favors the appearance of problems such as dandruff, seborrhea, and mycoses. Do not forget the finishers with thermal protection when the hairdryer is used. 

Do Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

Washing your hair every day is not a good idea, as the frequency of shampooing influences the shine and softness of your hair. In winter, the problem gets worse because, at this time of the year, the hair takes much longer to dry. That’s why some people use dry shampoos to fix their bangs and roots. This is a good option, but it can’t be used every day, ok?! Excessive use can block pores causing dandruff and disrupt natural hair growth.

Take It Easy On Accessories

On hot summer days, one of the biggest enemies of hair health is the excessive use of hats. They heat the region, increase the production of sweat, and prevent its evaporation.

However, if you think that on cold winter days, this problem does not occur, you are mistaken. The constant use of these accessories contributes to the increase of oiliness, as they stifle the scalp. Also, they favor the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Get off your hat today, and let your hair breathe. It is needless to say never wear any accessories with wet hair, right?

Apply Thermal Protector Before Using The Hair Dryer

The use of the dryer increases this season; after all, it is not good to sleep or leave home with wet hair, right? However, as we know, excess heat can also damage the hair. It is essential to use a thermal protector before drying the hair to minimize the damage of exposure to constant heat.

The product will prevent hair breakage and exposure of the cuticle, while also ensuring longer brush life. One of my favorites is L’incroyable Blowdry, with beeswax. It allows me to brush and use a hairdryer or flat iron without the need to reapply the product. With thermo-activated formula, it re-functions when hair comes in contact with heat again, keeping the fiber protected. 

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen

It’s not because the days are colder in winter that the sun’s rays can’t do tremendous damage to your hair. So don’t leave the protector aside. If you are going out in the sun, not only your skin but also your hair needs protection.

Invest in quality products that come with sunscreen in their composition. Remember to apply the amount recommended by the manufacturer, so that the excess does not end up leaving the scalp stuffy or oily.

Eat Well

Diet is also part of good hair health in any season, but very important in the winter. Some vitamins, for example, are great friends of beautiful hair. Vitamin A, Iron, and zinc are essential minerals, contributing to a perfect shine and stronger strands.

It is essential to remember to drink plenty of water because on cold days many people forget it. I want to remind you that hydration starts from the inside out.

Do Not Forget About Hydration

Hydration is essential to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. But in both hot and cold climates it is most needed.

Hydration is critical to maintaining the soft feeling and the hair with a mirror effect. Enhance the treatment using shampoo and conditioner with moisturizing effect to soften the locks.

This type of treatment helps maintain the shine and health of the hair, making them silky. With a quality product, you can hydrate in your home. Still, nothing better than a competent professional to indicate the right treatment for your hair type, and especially the maintenance you will do at home. Camelina and Macadamia oils will be the sensation this winter as they treat your hair without weighing it or leaving a residue.

If you have normal or dry hair, apply the oils closest to the root. If you suffer from excessive oiliness, it is best to leave a few inches away from the scalp.

Finally, abuse one of the greatest tricks of professionals: massage. Make smooth, circular motions throughout the head region to ensure that the active substances can penetrate the cuticles better and have the desired effect.

Capillary hydration

Ampoules: As it becomes more difficult to do capillary hydration in the cold, a good option is to use ampoules. They have more concentrated active ingredients and are more practical to use. 

Hair Moisturizing: Moisturizes your hair at least every two weeks to help maintain the shine and health of your hair. Masks are also essential to keep hair hydrated in winter, and have a strong hydrating power. The treatment masks offer shine and silkiness to the hair.

Recipe for moisturizing the hair


1 tbsp capillary mask

1 egg yolk

10 drops of vegetable oil (coconut, avocado, Argan or jojoba)

5 drops of rosemary essential oil

Mix all ingredients. Wash your hair and remove excess water. Apply the mask and let it act for 20 minutes. Rinse well. Finish with conditioner.

Do this hydration every 15 days.

Moisturizing According To Your Hair Color

Now you know that the cold, increased use of the hairdryer and warmer water in the shower end up damaging the hair, causing dryness and frizz, right?                

Soft blonde

What determines hair care is not necessarily the color, but chemical treatments, including dyes. In the case of discolored blondes, the biggest problem is malnutrition.

Nutrients are essential for hair to behave well during the winter. Bet on nourishing and reconstruction masks, applying them weekly. 

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Bright brunette

Brown, being natural most of the time, requires less care. Dry weather, which is common in winter, leaves hair frizzy, but leave-in is always the best ally.

Never forget the thermal protector whenever you use a dryer or a flat iron.

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Intense redhead

Just like blond and brown, dyed red hair needs attention to maintain its healthy shine and texture. 


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Soothing Leave-In

If you have one item that can not be missed in your winter kit is the leave-in. This multi-purpose product is a must in the cold of winter.

One tip is to apply with a little damp hair, to further control the frizz. If you haven’t found your leave-in already, read my review: Revlon Professional Uniq One

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Hair Problems and Solutions

Treat dandruff and dry scalp using a specialized shampoo

Despite being overlooked in many people’s care routine, the scalp is a significant region for hair health. Therefore it needs special treatment. During winter, it is common to become drier and even develop dandruff. The best option to treat this condition is to invest in a shampoo that sanitizes, purifies, and protects the scalp skin, such as Kérastase’s Bain Anti-Pelliculaire. In addition to providing a lasting feeling of freshness and cleanliness, its formula can remove visible dandruff for up to 8 weeks without compromising the softness and shine of the strands.

Say goodbye to frizzy hair betting on hair nutrition

Frizz is a sign that your hair needs deep hair nourishment to meet its needs and give it a silky, lined finish. During winter, this condition is even more common, so it is essential to purchasing a treatment line that can nourish and repair the hair. Kérastase’s Nutritive Irisome line offers two shampoo options for this purpose: Bain Satin 1   for lightly dry hair and Bain Satin 2  for dry and sensitized hair. In addition to gently cleaning the hair, they nourish and protect the hair fiber. Continue the treatment with Masquintense most suitable for your hair: for fine hair. Perfect for deep moisturizing the dry hair. These masks intensely treat the health of the hair and still offer a silky finish from the first use.

Dull and lifeless hair? Regain shine and smoothness with the right products

Opacity is one of the main hair problems during winter. The good news is that regaining the silky look of hair is easier than it sounds. Despite low temperatures, avoid washing the head with very hot water. Prioritize warm or cold water so as not to open the hair cuticle too much and ensure brilliance to the strands. Another important tip is to opt for products with moisturizing formulas that contain oils in the composition, such as Elixir Ultime, which sanitizes and treats the hair while providing a satin finish from root to tip. The line includes Oléo-Complexe Technology, which combines Argan oil, Camellia oil, Pracaxi oil, and Corn Germ. The result is a revitalized hair full of movement.