If you are an owner of wavy hair, you should know that hydration is essential to treat frizz, unwanted volume, and lack of definition of this type of hair. But do you know how to do this treatment the right way? As wavy hair has characteristics of straight and curly hair, this doubt is very common.

Want to know how to make hair hydration the right way? Do you want to make your wavy hair healthy and even more beautiful? To help you with this, I have 5 tips for you. Check it out and get rid of your doubts once and for all.

Hydration Tip 1 For Wavy Hair:

Choosing The Right Hair Mask Is Essential

The first step in getting any hair treatment right is knowing how to choose the most suitable product for your hair type. Because it has characteristics of both straight and curly hair, the ladies with wavy hair are often in doubt when choosing the best hydration mask.
The best is to bet on lighter products. An example is a mask for mixed hair.

Hydration Tip 2 For Wavy Hair:

Be Careful With The Quantity Of The Product

There’s no point in finding the perfect hydration mask for your hair if you don’t use the right amount, right? To know how much product you need, it is essential to consider the type of wave and the length of your locks.
For very tight waves, the pest is to separate the hair into locks and apply the mask. Thus, it is easier to get the quantity right. For those who have more open waves, which start from half the strands, a small amount is sufficient.

Hydration Tip 3 For Wavy Hair:

Know What Your Hair needs

In addition to thinking about your hair type, it is also essential to consider your hair’s needs. To choose the best type of hydration mask, it is important to analyze whether the hair is dry, frizzy, needing definition, or has any other need.
This is very important in determining which ingredients to look for when choosing the product.

Hydration Tip 4 For Wavy Hair:

Avoid Rubbing Wet Hair

A frequent complaint among wavy hair owners is that this type of hair tends to have a lot of frizz. You may have heard that one of the main causes of this problem is static, right? Yeah. To prevent this from happening, it is best not to rub your hand through the locks while wet.
If you need to squeeze and define the waves, the best is to wait until your hair is dry.

Hydration Tip 5 For Wavy Hair:

Combine Hydration With Other Treatments

Hydration is very important to keep the waves healthy, beautiful, and defined, but betting only on this care is not enough. To take good care of wavy hair, it is important to invest in a capillary schedule.
Combining hydration with other treatments, such as nutrition and hair reconstruction, you get even better results. You can solve different problems with your hair locks.