How about strengthening your hair and avoiding hair loss? You can help it by taking nutritious juices. Hair can become brittle and fall out due to different causes, such as stress, poor nutrition, aging, tobacco consumption, scalp infections, excessive use of chemical capillary procedures, genetics, and other reasons.

Treating the specific cause is always the best idea, but you can also take advantage of super nutritious juice recipes to restore the health of your hair. Below are some recipes that can help!

General Tips

The best time to drink these juices is in the morning while fasting, as this is the best time for nutrients to be absorbed by the body.

To get better results we recommend you to drink the juice for hair loss once a day for at least a month. The strengthening of the hair happens in the long run.

Always take the juices immediately after you prepare them to get all their nutrients and properties and avoid oxidation, which gives a bitter tas.

Cucumber With Lettuce Juice For Hair Loss

The cucumber is rich in potassium, sulfur, and manganese. These properties help maintain hair volume, preventing hair loss.


1/2 cucumber;
80 grams of lettuce leaves;
1 glass of water.

How to prepare:

Cut the cucumber and the lettuce leaves and beat them in the blender with the water until you get a homogenous juice. Drink the juice once a day for a month to get the results you want.

Carrot, Beetroot And Almonds Juice For Hair Loss

The almonds have proteins and zinc, which strengthen the hair and prevents from becoming brittle and falling out. The carrot has beta-carotene and vitamin E, which provide strength and luster to the hair. The beetroot is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and B5; besides minerals and iron, which also strengthen the hair.


1/2 grated medium beetroot;
1/2 grated medium carrot;
2 almonds;
200 ml of ice water.

How to prepare:

Beat all the ingredients very well in the blender and then enjoy drinking the juice.

Papaya With Banana Juice For Hair Loss

This juice is rich in amino acids, proteins, and calcium that strengthen the hair.


1 glass of natural yogurt;
1 tablespoon flaxseed;
½ papaya;
1 banana.

How to prepare:

Mix everything in the blender and then take it

Red Juice For Hair Loss

All ingredients have properties, vitamins, and nutrients that bring more strength to the hair.


½ carrot;
1 orange;
1 slice of beetroot;
12 blueberries.

How to prepare:

Place the peeled orange, carrot and beetroot in the juicer and mash well until you get a homogeneous drink. Then pour the juice into the blender and add the blueberries. Beat well until a homogeneous juice is obtained. Serve immediately.

Green Juice For Hair Loss

Juice is essential to give more resistance to the hair and prevent it from breaking easily.


1 leaf of cabbage;
200 ml of water;
1 tablespoon of wheat germ;
½ lemon with peel;
1 Brazilian nut.

How to prepare:

Add all the ingredients in a blender and beat well until you get a homogeneous juice. Drink then to prevent it from rusting and get a bitter taste. Take once a day.

Carrot With Orange Juice For Hair Loss

The carrot is one of the best ingredients for your hair, because besides giving more resistance also brings more shine and softness.


1 medium carrot,
juice of 1 orange;
1 cup of natural yogurt.

How to prepare:

Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix well. Take it once a day.

There are many different mixes you can find that use different fruits and vegetables as a basis. Once you try a few different recipes, it will be easy for you to create one based on your personal tastes. I like 53 Hair Loss Juice Recipe Solutions book very much because it is here, where I can find many different juice recipes for my hair and its health.