If you are looking for a products that will style, protect and moisturize your hair, it’s time to start using leave-in treatments!

Leave-in conditioners, sprays, and creams that are applied to freshly cleansed hair and left it until the next washing. There are leave-ins with different types of textures, from very consistent creams to more fluid, more liquid products. The functions are many and vary depending on the product, but generally, leave-in provides hydration, hair protection against external agents (temperature, pollution, sun, etc.) and helps to style the hair.
This is a powerful product perfect for basic daily care, that protects the hair. It also acts as a daily moisturizer making the brushing process easier, leaving the hair smoother.

The Benefits of this product

  • Repairs dried and damaged hair: it has moisturizing and conditioning agents that improve the texture of the hair.
  • Controls the frizz: It protects against environmental damage like pollution.
  • Protect from the heat of the dryer and the straightener.
  • Softens the hair as it has powerful conditioning agents.
  • Protects against the effects of UVA and UV sun rays.
  • The hair is softer, making it easier to brush
  • Keeps the hairstyle for longer.
  • Prevents double ends
  • Controls the natural volume of the hair

How to use leave-in products

For the best possible results, check out some tips for a perfect application.

Apply on humid or dry hair

The best time to apply the leave-in is right after washing the hair when it is clean and still moist.

The best quantity

The amount should be proportional to the size of your hair, the basic rule is simple: those with short hair may need less product, while those with long hair need more. Keep in mind that straight hair will need less product than the curly one.

But I can guarantee that it’s worth the test, try your leave-in in many ways until you get the desired result. Your hair will thank you.

Avoid applying on the roots

Do not apply the leave-in to the hair roots. Otherwise, you can clog the follicles, which can slow the hair growth or enhance sebum production. Apply the leave-in along the entire length of your hair.

The final touch

If your goal is smoother and less volume hair, the tip is to comb your hair with a fine comb and let it dry straight. If the idea is to give more volume, create waves or define curls, the best way is to crinkle the hair from the bottom up. Have in mind that if you apply too much of the product, the results might be heavy and oily hair. The best way is to use a small amount and, if necessary, apply more.
No matter if you are brushing or using a straightener or a dryer, apply the leave-in before. The effect will be much more satisfactory since the components of the product react with the heat of the appliances. Also, many leave-ins offer thermal protection.

How To Choose The Right Product For Your Hair Type?

When choosing the product, choose the one best suited for your hair type. If you want to smooth the hair or define the curls, look on the label for this specific function. Also, even if you apply the product correctly, the result may not please you if the chosen leave-in is not suitable for your hair type. For that reason, we highly recommend keeping an eye on the packaging!

The best ones on the market

With so many product choices, choosing yours might not be as simple as that. Even following the manufacturer’s recommendation and buying a leave-in suitable for your hair type, the effects can vary greatly depending on the brand and the texture of each product. To make your choice easier, check out the best leave in on the market:

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique

This leave in is perfect to be used before the blow-drying and straightener. Its Thermo active formula protects the hair from heat by sealing the active ingredients to rebuild the hair fibers. The Vita-Ciment recreates the intercellular base, reinforcing the hair fiber from the inside out. Also, it contains the Vita Topseal, an active ingredient that strengthens the external natural protective layer of the hair.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In

Look at the 10 benefits this product offers to your hair:

  • It is perfect for dry and damaged hair because it nourishes and moisturizes the strands.
  • Makes your hair shiny and leaving a beautiful sensation
  • Untangles your hair
  • Controls the frizz
  • Protects the color
  • Prevents split ends
  • Decreases hair breakage
  • Makes your hair silky
  • Improves elasticity
  • It has thermal protection

With the ingredients in its formula, like Panthenol, silk amino acids, this leave-in is perfect for fine and brittle hair!

Panthenol: A powerful moisturizer, known as Vitamin B5
Sunflower Seed Extract: Natural sunscreen that protects the hair color
Green Tea Leaf Extract: Protects the hair from environmental damage
Silk Amino Acids: It raises the natural moisture of the hair, adding strength and shine to them
Citric Acid (Vitamin C): A powerful antioxidant that defends the natural strength and beauty of your hair.

Tigi Bed Head Colour Combat Colour Goddess

This product is a mix of moisturizing elements, which balances colored hair providing a bright and healthy appearance. This leave in is ideal for anyone who has dyed hair. Leaves the hair very soft. I do recommend it!

Ouidad Moisture Lock

One day I was offered a tester from Sephora, and I tried it. That’s how I discovered this wonderful product. It has a technology that forms a cover on the hair, to retain moisture.
Its vital proteins condition the hair and make it very soft. Also, it has a pear extract that attracts moisture from the air, so that the hair is hydrated. Perfect for those who have curly hair or very dry tips

After choosing the best product, you can enjoy its benefits and if you want to help other women, tell us about your experience in the comments below.