The beauty industry knows how important it is for women the beautiful and well-treated hair. A proof of this is the wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, masks, creams, and other products that reach the shelves, promising wonders to your hair. After the Argan oil fever, the most recent novelty is the macadamia oil to discipline the strands of all types of hair, especially curly and those with frizz.

Extracted from a tree of Australian origin, macadamia is a fruit that has a shape, similar to a walnut. It has a high absorption and penetration content, which allows you to use on your hair and skin, providing more vitality.

The oil  is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that help to moisturize, protect the hair from chemicals and prevent premature aging of the hair and skin.

The human body produces Palmitoleic acid. This acid is also known as Omega 7, a substance abundant in macadamia oil. In the body, this substance is responsible for the skin’s vitality, which reduces over the years. This way, macadamia oil helps to regenerate the epidermis by replacing the substance that the body stops making.

Benefits Of Macadamia Oil For Your Hair

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Macadamia oil provides greater nourishment of the hair, leaving it stronger and hydrated, which results in healthier, silky, softer hair. This way, your hair is easy to comb, with much more shine. Omegas 3 and 6, which are also abundant in this substance, are good fats. They have a high moisturizing potential, stimulates growth, improves elasticity, and offer conditioning effect to the hair.

In addition to nourishing, the oil forms a barrier that protects the hair from chemical treatments such as dyes and straightening, restoring the hair’s health.

One of the main advantages of macadamia oil comparing it to others available on the market is that it does not leave the scalp oily. As it has high absorption power. Your hair will absorb it in a matter of minutes.

Who Can Use It?

Suitable for all hair types, macadamia oil has everything to become a best friend of women with wavy or curly hair because it also has regenerative action and helps control the curls’ volume without losing their shape. Those who have oily hair can use the product, but with less frequency than those who have dry hair.

How To Use Macadamia Oil?

Using the product is simple. With dry or wet hair, just apply it to your hands’ palms and rub them to heat the product. Then apply on the hair from length to ends spreading it evenly.

Where To Find?

Macadamia oil can already be found in perfumeries, cosmetics stores, and other stores in the industry. Also, it is already possible to find a series of products that have the substance in its formula on the market. There are shampoos, conditioners, masks, and leave-in from different brands. According to dermatologists, when your mix it with other ingredients, the macadamia loses its natural hydration capacity. So you can obtain the best effect when you use only the oil.

Still, several cosmetic companies already include macadamia in their formulas. 

Macadamia Natural Deep Repair Hair Masque


This mask rebuilds the hair fiber, penetrating into damaged hair and improving shine and elasticity. It is ultra-conditioning and should be used twice a week. Your hair will be super conditioned, very soft, and easy to comb. 

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil 



Dove Pure Care Dry Oil has an infusion of macadamia oil in its formula. Your hair will be more flexible and nourished. And don’t worry, the product has high absorption, so your hair won’t get greasy.

HASK Macadamia OIL Shampoo and Conditioner


It will revive your chemical-treated hair. This kit will make your hair look healthy, voluminous, and clean.

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