White hair is directly influenced by genetics and can appear at any age. It doesn’t matter the type, color, or texture of your hair. The fact is that gray hairs appear. When they appear, it is common to be accompanied by many doubts. You might be asking yourself why the texture is different or should you dye your hair. You might also be wondering how to take care of your gray hair? It is increasingly common to see women adopting white hair, taking on a super elegant and sophisticated look. Others choose to color it or take the opportunity to vary their hair color. For you to better understand how the appearance of white hair works, we separate 5 truths and 5 myths about gray hair. Check out!

1) Does The Appearance Of White Hair Have To Do With Heredity?

Truth! Heredity is also a strong factor in the appearance of gray hair. Many young people have white hair, which shows that genetics influences more than age. Of course, age also has a big influence and, therefore, it is more common to see older people with gray hairs.

2) Stress Influences The Appearance Of Gray Hair

gray hair

Truth! That old phrase “give gray hair” makes perfect sense. Hormones produced by stress can reduce hair pigmentation, resulting in gray hair. So, if you want to delay the appearance of gray hair, try to maintain an emotional balance and a healthier lifestyle.

3) White Hair Can Turn Yellow

Truth! As well as artificially bleached hair, gray hair also suffers the natural oxidation of the hair, resulting in a yellowish effect on the hair. Want to avoid this effect? Do not expose your hair excessively to the sun and pool. Always use a thermal protector on the hair. If the hair is already yellow, invest in de-yellowing products to reverse the situation. L’Oréal Professionnel’s Silver shampoo has a de-yellowing action for gray hair.

4) Plucking gray hair stimulates the appearance of more gray hairs

Myth! There is nothing to prove that pulling out one white hair stimulates the growth of others. If it were true, it would be easy to add volume to your hair that way, wouldn’t it? In addition, pulling out the strands, regardless of whether they are gray or not, can damage the root and compromise hair growth.

5) White hair is more rebellious

Truth! Because they are strands with less protein and more fragile than pigmented hair, white hair suffers much more dryness and breakage than the others, making it more rebellious and ruffled. To keep your gray hair always beautiful and healthy, it is essential to invest in treatment masks to hydrate your hair.

6) Dyeing the hair makes the strands turn white faster

gray hair

Myth! If done correctly, the process does not pose any danger to the hair and has nothing to do with the loss of pigment in the strands. Want to color the strands to hide gray hair? One factor that helps ensure a more beautiful and long-lasting color is to use an ammonia-free hair color such as INOA by L’Oréal Professionnel. The formula offers up to 100% white coverage with long-lasting durability and a silky finish. Also, remember to always moisturize your hair to prevent drying and color fading.

7) White hair can only be dyed using permanent coloring.

Myth! Permanent dyeing is best when you have almost all of your gray hairs and are looking for full coverage. However, some semi-permanent hair colors can be a great option for those who have fewer gray strands.

8) The sun speeds up the hair bleaching process

Myth! Excessive exposure to the sun can damage the hair, but there is no evidence of its direct influence on hair aging or the appearance of gray hairs. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your hair from the sun, okay? Always use a leave-in with sun protection before exposing hair to UV rays.

9) Gray hair is more common in men

Myth! Gender does not interfere with the appearance of white hair. This idea arose from the fact that men tend to assume gray hairs more than women. This paradigm is starting to change as women are increasingly accepting gray hairs.


10) White hair makes the look elegant

Truth! White strands have been increasingly assumed by women, making them look much more elegant and natural. In addition to being beautiful, white hair is part of a very important female empowerment movement. When taking on the gray strands, don’t forget to keep them always protected and hydrated!