Hair loss is a subject surrounded by many myths. Look at some of the ideas that circulate over the internet and see what is true and what is not.

“Washing your hair every day causes hair loss.”

Myth: On the contrary, good hygiene of the scalp reduces the hair loss. Keeping hair dirty prevents growth and clogs pores. Washing your hair will help the wires to come off more easily.

“Cleansing the scalp reduces dandruff.”

Truth: There are shampoos designed to decrease seborrhea and remove scales, oiliness, and fungus . To eliminate dandruff completely, however, you should eliminate the other factors of the disease.

“Hair dyeing causes hair loss.”

Myth: The use of dyes is not good for hair (since it has components such as ammonia that damage the hair structure). However, the dye only damages the hair, not the scalp – so it will not affect hair loss.

“Hair grows faster in the summer.”

Truth: The sun stimulates growth. This is because it stimulates some hormones that make hair grow faster.

“Dryer and straightener cause hair loss.”

Myth: The correct and moderate use does not harm. The abuse, on the other hand, can damage the hair shafts. The perfect solution is to use the dryer at low temperature and not too close to the hair. This way you will avoid damage of the scalp.

“Very oily hair with dandruff intensifies the hair loss.”

Truth: Oiliness prevents healthy growth, causing a hair loss. Increased oiliness can lead to dandruff and scaling on the scalp – and those can be factors that influence hair loss.

“Food influences hair loss.”

Truth: A diet with vitamins and minerals are essential to keep your hair beautiful. From 60% to 90% of the hair composition is an amino acid. Therefore, a high protein diet can improve the quality of the hair and make it stronger.

“During the winter the dandruff is getting worse.”

Truth: The cold climate determines a greater scaling of the scalp, due to the greater speed in the growth and cellular maturation. Another factor is the very hot baths, which worsen the seborrheic state.

“Using a conditioner can cause hair loss.”

Myth: The conditioner does not cause hair loss. What happens is that hair that are already in the fall phase will fall more easily. Don’t forget to use the conditioner only in the hair shafts, and not directly on the scalp, as this can worsen seborrheic dermatitis and favor the hair loss.

“In the autumn the hair falls more.”

Truth: The explanation for this fact is that there are light sensors in our skin that receive more stimuli in the summer, causing the hair to grow more and fall less in this season. With the arrival of autumn, the wires that did not fall begin to fall and give the impression of a more intense hair loss.

“Wearing hats cause hair loss.”

Myth: The use of hats does not make hair fall, but it can in some people (who do not take off them all day) aggravate diseases like seborrheic dermatitis – this may contribute to the hair loss.

“Stress and emotional state interfere with the hair loss.”

Truth: Stress causes changes in the body that lead to hair loss and, although indirectly, hormonal changes consequent to that state can also potentiate the fall.

“Cutting the ends of the strands helps the growth.”

Myth: The fact of cutting the hair strand does not interfere with your hair bulb, responsible for its growth.

“Straightening cause hair loss.”

Myth: Straightening works on the hair shafts and not on the hair roots. When it is done correctly, there is no influence on hair loss. What may occur is weakening of the hair shafts, resulting in weaker, dry, double-ended hair with tendency to break.