Kerastase Soleil

Summer is here and Kérastase, the brand of protection of sun-exposed hair, has some products for you.  Haircare also varies according to the amount of chemistry already done in the hair.

cc creme kerastase soleil

During the summer, the hair is even more exposed to UV rays, seawater, and swimming pool. It also suffers from other different aggression. Therefore, care should be redoubled, especially during the summer. Kerastase Soleil is the collection that protects female hair throughout the day. With its range of products, the hair will be protected, repaired, nourished, and illuminated throughout the summer. This line preserves color, prevents frizz formation and strengthens the hair fiber.

Kerastase Soleil, the perfect sun protection for the hair.

CC Cream Kerastase Soleil

An innovative product has come to extend the Kerastase Soleil line. It is CC Crème, which claim to provide a complete treatment for all types of hair. The leave-in formula has multiple actions, protects against the sun, repairs and illuminates the hair.

cc creme kerastase

According to the manufacturer, with high-tech formula, the application of CC Cream Kerastase Soleil guarantees multiple benefits. Linseed oil and UV filters keep the luster and protect the hair against the harmful effects of the sun. To enhance protection, apply during sun exposure on dry or wet hair. Safflower oil, ceramides, and antioxidants have disciplined moisturizing and restorative action. Linseed oil and polymers brighten and create a shimmering veil over the wires.

CC Cream Kerastase Soleil has been made to be a “shield against the sun. It promises to protect, repair, and lighten the hair, It will also maintain the radiance and vitality of the hair fiber.

What is my opinion about this product?

I often use it as a combing cream after bathing and, to be honest, I have conflicting feelings about this product. On one hand, I think it helps a lot to untangle my hair after washing and makes my job a lot easier. It really gives a light sensation and leaves the hair beautiful and soft. On the other hand, it has enough paraffin (since it is the second ingredient in the list), a component known to be cheap. It is more like giving a “makeup” on the hair without actually treating them. It does indeed have other ingredients like vegetable oils (flaxseed and coconut oil), which are good for the hair, but they appear well down on the list.

In short: it is an expensive product. If you are willing to pay for a leave-in, I suggest looking for one that has less paraffin or other mineral oils in the composition.