If we moisturize our body and give our face and body skin the daily dose of required hydration, why not moisturize our hair? To have my dyed hair strong, hydration must be doubled, especially in the summer when the hair is exposed to the sun, salt, and chemical pools. I purchased my Chronologiste perfume oil because of curiosity and decided to try it. This product is amazing! It is ten times more moisturizing than ordinary hair oils and makes my hair super healthy with shiny looking.

What Does The Manufacturer Say?

Enriched with light woods, musk and extract of myrrh this scented, oil-based formula is a multipurpose miracle. It smooths cuticles, soothes sore scalps and imparts to gorgeous, lingering fragrance onto every strand.

Think of the most scented oil in the world! This is the Chronologiste oil! The Chronologiste of Kerastase is a line of total regeneration of hair and scalp. This formula was developed with a concentration of molten pearls melted with Abyssine for an excellent hair renewal.

Abyssine is a large molecule, coming from the volcanic cracks of the Pacific Ocean with soothing, restorative and protective properties to provide a complete repair!

Chronologiste oil

What Is My Opinion About This Chronologiste oil?

I loved the texture of the Chronologiste oil, it spreads very easily in the hair, it seals the cuticles without leaving the hair heavy. Besides, it restores the fiber of the hair and leaves an incredible scent of the finest perfumery.

The packaging is glass, different from the other oils that are plastic. This gives more elegance and adds extra charm to the product!

I really like to use it after styling the hair because that product leaves a beautiful texture! For my hair, which is badly damaged at the ends, I feel it renewed every time I use the product.

Chronologiste oil

How To Apply The Chronologiste oil?

It is very easy: apply two pumps on the palm of your hand, distribute the product with two hands and apply along the length of the dry hair.