A few weeks ago I received an email from a reader regarding one of the products of the Kerastase Resistance Therapiste line. She wanted to know if it worth the investment, since, as we know, the products are expensive. After reading a little bit more about this line, I became very curious and decided to test it in my favorite beauty salon. Kerastase’s Resistance Therapiste line is designed for extremely damaged hair: with spiky, non-glossy ends, easily twisted strands that are brittle, colorless and lifeless. The brand took ten years to develop the formula, which works by recovering hair KAPs (Keratin Associated Proteins). This is an essential protein to ensure yarn structure. They developed it through a mix of SP94 (a KAP activator), protein, and six amino acids.

The Line Resistance Thérapiste, from Kérastase

The Resistance Therapiste line is a Kérastase line that has been developed to rebuild damaged hair. It promises to restore the structure of the sensitized hair shaft, protect and strengthen the hair fiber.

The Therapiste line contains:

Fiber-KAP – A technology composed of wheat protein and 6 amino acids (Arginine, Serine, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Proline, and Tyrosine). It rebuilds the internal bonding of the fiber, leaving the hair stronger and preventing it from breaking.

Sève de Resurrection – Extract of Myrothamnus Flabellifolia (Flower of Resurrection). With high antioxidant power, it accelerates the revival power of the hair, recovering the damages caused by the chemicals in the hair.

Wheat Proteins – Repair the wax scales, have a moisturizing action, give shine and silkiness, treat damaged yarns and promote softness.

This line has four products, which are pre-shampoo, shampoo, mask, and serum. I have tested the shampoo, the mask, and the serum.

Bain Therapiste

Bain Therapiste is the shampoo, but it is a bit different from ordinary shampoos – it is actually described by the brand as a Balm-In-Shampoo Fiber Quality Renewal Care. The texture of the shampoo resembles more of a conditioner than shampoo, and the promise is to thoroughly clean nicely the hair.

Masque Therapiste

Masque Therapiste is a mask that promises to deeply repair the hair from the inside and help regain strength and elasticity, revitalizing and toning the fiber.

Resistance Therapiste Serum

The serum is to nourish and give quality fiber, treat and seal the overprocessed and chemically damaged hair ends. The Serum Therapiste compensates for the lost fiber KAPs and reactivates their synthesis by repairing, unifying and reinforcing the fiber instantly. The Serum Therapiste is double – oil and cream separated in the package. When you press both oil and cream appear from each hole. Then you mix the two products in the palm of the hands, and apply on your hair.

What is my opinion about this product?

The products are specifically for those who suffer from damaged hair. The damage level indicated on the packaging is 3 to 4.

4 levels of Hair Erosion, by Kerastase

Levels 1 and 2 can be caused by technical aggressions (too much brushing, blow drying and hair ironing).  While Levels 3 and 4 are caused by checmical aggressions (color, rebonding, perm, etc).

The products promise to restore the structure of the hair with a nutrient complex developed exclusively by Kerastase, which recovers KAPs (a protein that gives health to the threads) and by the sap of the resurrection, extracted from a plant that can come back to life after 10 years of its death. Wow!!

Bain Therapiste

Starting with Bain Therapiste, the shampoo, it’s really different from all shampoos I’ve ever used. When I put it in hand to apply the first time on the hair, I thought it would be very heavy, but not at all – it makes a lot of foam, and you can even notice the softer hair even without applying any conditioner or mask. The specialist applied the Bain Therapiste twice, rubbing the scalp well and gently spreading the foam at length and at the ends. The shampoo intensifies the repair power, revives and involves the fiber of the hair.

Masque Therapiste

After washing, it was the turn to apply Masque Therapiste . I always apply from the middle to the ends. It is super dense – that’s why you do not need much to spread on the strands. According to the professional, the maximum time we should leave the mask on the hair is 15 minutes, after that time it oxidizes and causes the opposite effect, and ideally, we rinse the product with cold water, to seal the cuticle of the wires.

Masque Therapiste is the main product of resurrection treatment because its texture fuses with the threads and fills them with complex repairers that restore and immediately revitalize the fiber.

I found my hair soft, the root does not get heavy despite the thicker shampoo. The hair ends are also healthier. I really liked it – the only negative, as you might imagine, is the price. But for those with very damaged hair, I think it’s a good option.

I use the mask once a week and really felt the hair lighter. Like in the shampoo commercial. It is much more hydrated and less brittle. It’s already becoming my favorite mask!

Double Serum Therapiste

And to finish, we used Double Serum Therapiste , a non-rinse product that combines an oil-based treatment agent that hydrates the fiber with a dense, creamy coating, as well as treating and sealing the tips. The serum has thermal protection up to 230 ° C.

The whole procedure took less than an hour, and the result was fantastic! My hair is born again!

It gained brilliance, strength, endurance, softness and a delicious scent. Even my split ends were healthy, looking freshly cut.

This treatment can be done at home every week or every 15 days, according to the need of the hair.
I recommend it, especially for those with weakened hair, damaged by external aggression and chemical processes!