I’m sure you’ve heard of Uniq One Coconut, which is another version of that traditional Uniq One ​​red. It differs from Revlon Professional Uniq One ​​by having a smooth coconut fragrance.

I know this product since 2015, but I only started using it last month.
As I already knew the effectiveness of the product, I was not surprised by the results, but I’ll tell you that the treatment effect takes a little time to appear. I would say about 20 days.

What Does The Manufacturer Say?

The Revlon Professional Uniq One ​​Coconut is a great hit when it comes to powerful and practical hair treatment. Mainly because it brings together 10 real benefits for wires in a single bottle, which can be used on both dry and wet hair.

Uniq One ​​Coconut is a leave-in with a coconut fragrance, which combines 10 treatment and finishing benefits into one product. It takes care of the hair, treats it, and protects it. It has high hydration power and nutrition, not to mention that to protect from solar radiation, it is perfect to use it daily, especially in the summer.

Its 10 Benefits Are:

1. Repairs dried and damaged hair

It has moisturizing and conditioning agents that improve the hair texture.

2. Adds shine and controls frizz

In dry or wet weather, it protects against environmental damage.

3. Provides protection when heat styling

It forms a film around the capillary fiber, protecting it from high temperatures.

4. Improves texture, leaving hair silky and smooth

It has powerful conditioning agents, softening the hair.

5. Protects from the sun and maintains the color

With extremely light UVA and UVB filters, it protects the hair without leaving it heavy. Prevents rust caused by the sun that causes the color to fade.

6. It facilitates the brushing

With softer is much easier to brush the hair, right?

7. Makes the detangling easier

It leaves the hair loose and clear.

8. Helps hairstyles last longer.

9. Prevents split ends.

10. Controls the natural volume of hair.

How To Apply?

All types of hair can take advantage of the 10 benefits of the Uniq One Coconut. Let’s recap? The Uniq One ​​repairs damaged hair with its moisturizing agents; controls the frizz, protects from the heat of the dryer and the straightener, smoothes and leaves that smooth touch, protects from the sun and maintains color with UVA and UVB filters. It also facilitates brushing, keeps the hairstyle for longer, prevents split ends, and controls natural volume, Wow!

Revlon Professional 10 in 1 leave-in can be used on wet or dry hair. But the experts teach us a lot more about it!

To optimize and enjoy the treatment to the maximum, follow the recommendations of the experts according to your hair type:

Bulky curly hair

Separate all hair in small sections, spray at a distance of 10 cm and massage. Uniq One ​​Coconut will moisturize the curls, and avoid the frizz.

Straight or wavy hair with volume

You can also divide the hair into sections. Spray the product from a distance ( full length and ends). Then comb with a wide-toothed comb.

Low-volume hair

Separate in sections, spray the product on your hands and then spread the product on the ends. After that comb with a wide-toothed comb. This way, the hair will keep its volume.

In short, hair, spray 6 to 8 doses, in medium hair, 7 to 12 doses and in long hair from10 to 15 doses.

Also, you can finalize with a dryer or let it dry naturally.

On the beach or pool, apply before sun exposure and reapply after each dive, spraying directly on the hair, at a distance of about 10 cm. Your hair will thank you for this extra protection!

What Is My Opinion About This Product

It is an excellent product!

The Unique One works great on my hair. With only a few sprinkles, the hair is already super silky, loose, hydrated, with a beautiful volume. The ends are much softer and beyond all that protected from the heat of the dryer. It’s one of the best leave-in I’ve ever used! The hair really looks healthy, you know?

Thie Uniq One Coconut leaves my hair very soft and silky. Even my friends notice that my hair is very well treated. I would call it a true capillary BB cream.

The texture is much denser than a normal leave-in, but it is not as heavy as a mask. The product is a light white cream, and the packaging is in spray, which is quite practical.

After this one month, I noticed that the 150ml will last 6 months. I thought it was great. Although it is a product with a higher cost, it has a much higher benefit. Excellent cost versus benefit.

I’m in love with this product!

Try and tell me if you like it as much as I do? Sell ​​also on the internet! ^^

The Other Products:

The Uniq One ​​family, by Revlon Professional, is already a classic for hair. The leave-in, available in the original red packaging, (you can see my review in this post), Coconut, Lotus Flower, and Green Tea Scent versions, is one of the best sellers because it treats, repairs and protects the hair. One question people usually ask whether there is any difference between them. Just the smell! Lotus Flower has a soft oriental floral fragrance the Coconut, that light coconut scent that goes back to summer! Can you guess the scent of the Uniq One Green Tea?