Today’s review is about another product also very famous over the internet: the Revlon Uniq One ​​leave-in. This is a product that promises several, in this case, 10 benefits in one! It’s like the BB Cream of the hair!

Since I received it, I’ve been using it all the time, because I wanted to to be able to share my opinion about this product. I confess that I get very suspicious of these products that promise a bunch of things at the same time. It gives me the impression that wanting to do many things at the same time it will not be able to provide good quality, you know? Like me, when I’m working … But I put all this prejudice aside and leeave the results to speak by themselves.

What is Revlon Uniq One?

It’s no secret that Revlon is one of the largest cosmetic brands, combining high technology with some of the world’s most unique products. With Uniq One, ​​it could not be different. Revlon has created a product to revolutionize hair treatment. Firstly, it’s a 10 in one. It is a wonderful product that brings together 10 treatments for those like me who love hair care but don’t always have the time to do that real beauty ritual. Yes, it gives shine, repairs damaged hair, gives volume, eliminates split ends. These are some of the many advantages.

In addition to my experience with Uniq One, which has gained the highest praise, there is also an extensive survey of Revlon with different types of consumers.

In this research, Revlon Professional found that 81% had more hydrated and healthy hair after the use of Leave-in, 92%, hair easier to untangle, 92%, smoother hair, and finally 74% less frizz.

It has four fragrances: the Classic one, which is the red one, the Tea tree, the Coconut and the Lotus. I already used Uniq One Coconut Hair Treatment. You can see my review in this post.

The Benefits of Revlon Uniq One

Not only external but also internal causes can influence a change in the texture of the hair. Too much chemistry, the weather, stronger medications, poor nutrition are just some of the problems we all must be aware of to keep our hair healthy. Uniq One ​​repairs dry and damaged hair, leaving it silky, moisturized and shiny.

It is also a great product that protects the hair against the high temperatures of the dryer and the flat iron. This is because it forms a film  around the hair fiber, and the result is greater protection against heat.

When using Uniq One, you will have UVA and UVB filters which, in addition to protection, it also prevents sun-damaged oxidation, one of the main causes of faded and lifeless hair.

There are many other benefits that Revlon 10 in 1 provides. So let’s take a look at the 10 benefits of Uniq One:

What promises?

1. Repairs dry and damaged hair

It has moisturizing and conditioning agents that significantly improve the texture of the hair.

2. Controls frizz

It protects against environmental damage and prevents the formation of “creepy” hair.

3. Protects from the heat of the dryer and the flat iron

This product forms a film around the capillary fiber, protecting it from high temperatures.

4. It leaves a smooth touch:

It has powerful conditioning agents and amino acids that soften and control.

5. Protects from the sun and maintains the hair color

With extremely light UVA and UVB filters, which protect without leaving the hair heavy. Prevents the oxidation caused by the sun that causes the hair color to fade.

6. It facilitates the brushing

With the hair softer and softer, it is easy to slide the brush.

7. Incredible detangling:

You can say goodbye to your combing cream. Without pulling or crying, it wraps around each strand and ends the tangle.

8. Maintains the hairstyle longer

As it protects the threads, prevents the formation of frizz, leaving your hairstyle flawless longer.

9. Prevents split ends

Using it every day prevents you from cutting your hair often because it protects the hair from aggression.

10. It controls the natural volume of the hair

It protects from moisture.


It contains no parabens.

Cetearyl Alcohol – conditioning agent, providing softness to the hair.
Behentrimonium Chloride – Emollient, anti-static, and emulsifier.
Hexyl Cinnamal – an aromatic substance extracted from chamomile essential oil.
Limonene, Alpha Isomethyl Ionone, and Butyl Methoxydibenzoyl Methane – Fragrance.
Linalool – Fragrance fixative.
Benzyl Salicylate – Helps fragrance and UV filter.
Citronellol, Hydroxysohexyl – 3 – Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde and Amyl Cinnamal – confers fragrance.
Eugenol and Methylisothiazolinone – antibacterial.
Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate and Butylphenyl Methylpropiona – Solar filter.
Propylene Glycol and Silk Amino Acids – Moisturizing and conditioning agent, which helps to maintain the balance of hydration, strengthen and soften the hair cuticle, restructure the fiber and form a protective film on the hair.
Disodium EDTA and Phenoxyethanol – Preservative action.
Cyclopentasiloxane – Conditioning agent and thermo-protective silicone;
Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) – provides strong, thick hair, as well as rapid hydration without leaving it greasy, giving softness, and elasticity to the hair.
Quartenium-80 – a conditioning agent with emollient and moisturizing action, which improves softness.
Isopropyl Alcohol – cleaning properties.
Propylene Glycol – for better penetration of the active ingredients.

How to use Uniq One?

You can use Revlon 10 in 1 on both wet and dry hair.

In wet hair, the product is applied at a distance of 20 cm. If your hair is long, you should use 10 to 15 vaporizations; while the middle ones from 7 to 12 and the short ones from 6 to 8.

Then just comb your hair and finish in the style you like. The result is fantastic – silky threads, shiny, protected, but without looking heavy.

In dry hair, the use is different. Instead of spraying directly on the hair, you will apply the Uniq One ​​in the palm of your hand. If your hair is long, make 4 to 6 sprays in one hand; if they are the average length, from 3 to 5, and if short, from 2 to 3.

Afterward, just rub the product between the hands, apply on the hair from the middle to the ends. Then just comb your hair and finish in the style you like.

Special tip:

For those who love natural hair and want to keep the curls well defined, it is best, after washing, to dry the hair with a towel and then apply the Uniq One. You get impressive curls as a result.

The smell

The fragrance is composed of patchouli, cedar, and raspberry in base notes, orange blossom, lily of the valley and peony in the notes of heart and bergamot, pineapple, green apple and pear on the top notes. It really smells delicious.

I like the fragrance very much, but there are mixed feelings among my friends. Some of them love it, some of them hate it, some of them don’t hate it, but also don’t love it.

One friend even said that “There is a smell that bothers me, of hotel soap, half male…” For me, the smell is one of my favorites.

The texture

It is very consistent, but it is not sticky.

The packing

I think that the packaging itself is great, but not for this type of product. This bottle has a spray valve that works excellent for liquid products. But Uniq One ​​is a cream, and the valve causes the product to come out in a thin stream, which is concentrated in one place.

To be honest, when I apply directly to the hair, the product concentrates too much in some areas and leave others without the product. So have this in mind when using it on wet hair.

If it is to sprinkle the product on the hands and then put it in the hair, there was no need for the spray.

What Is My Opinion About This Product?

Let’s talk about product promises that we can really evaluate.

The 10 promises of Uniq One:

1. Repairs dry and damaged hair

The moment you pass, you feel softer hair.

2. Controls frizz

I noticed that it lowered the frizz making my hair more “behaved.”

3. Protects from the heat of the dryer and the flat iron

It is a thermal protector worth having at home, I have seen in many salons and many famous hairdressers using it. As it has a thermal protector, I have also used it before straightening my hair.

4. Smooths and leaves a smooth touch

Quite true, my hair is very soft.

5. Protects from the sun and maintains the hair color

I do not know, let’s trust. The formula has at least 2 ingredients that prove the effectiveness of that promise.

6. It facilitates the brushing

100% fulfilled! It forms a “slippery” film on the hair, without regret, which accelerates the brushing process, as the brush slides more easily.

7. Incredible detangling:

It is fulfilled. Well … this is nothing more than coaxing. A product that leaves the hair softer and forms a film on the wires automatically will help to untangle the wires.

8. Maintains the hairstyle longer

I did not see a difference

9. Prevents split ends

Absolutely. 100% hydrated.

10. Controls the natural volume of the hair

The best of this product is the glow effect and softness it gives the hair, but without taking the volume out. It leaves the hair with a beautiful movement.

What I really liked was the effect on the ends, lightness, and the texture of my hair. In the first few hours I use it, the main result I noticed is softness. But after a few hours, it looks like the product was even better on the hair. My ends become much more aligned and disciplined. I also noticed that after some time, my hair had a fuller texture. No, that does not mean the product is miraculous and thickens the wires instantly, okay? But I think this is due to the natural enhancement of the volume that the brand promises.

So to complete what I found, to me, it is a product of more instant effect. Anyone who does not have a lot of time to take care of their hair, or does not have the patience to make moisturizing procedures but likes to keep soft, shiny hair and protects it from the heat, will surely love this product.
The Uniq One complies with almost everything it promises. However, I think the brand could improve the formulation of the product and add more natural properties.

Let’s hear from you! Have you tested Uniq One? If so, what do you think? If not, what leave-in do you like the most?