For every woman, it is essential to keep their hair beautiful and healthy.  You might be from some different country, or even, from another religion. Beautiful hair is important all around the world.


Avocado Hair Mascara

Some Colombian grandparents use the avocado for their chicken soup, but hairdressers learned something different. Combine two white eggs with half a mashed avocado, leave on hair for 15 minutes and then rinse. It is an easy, cheap, and natural formula to make hair super straight.


Coconut Hair Cocktail

The Ipanema girls get that beautiful hair from this mix. Once a week, apply a cacao hair mask and then rinse with coconut water. The combination leaves the hair incredibly soft and hydrated – it’s a trick of many Brazilian women. It is recommended to L’Oreal Serie Nature Masque Cacao  and coconut water Vita Coco .


Aloe Vera Hydration

Argentinian women associate long hair with sensuality and glamor. To help the long strands be in shape, the recommendation is to apply aloe vera directly to the scalp or adding it to your daily shampoo.


Sardines for Shiny Hair

You must learn to love sardines. They are one of the richest sources of omega 3. Eating them will make your hair grow faster and increase its shine. Singer Leona Lewis, a Guyanese descendant, seems to follow this secret, just look at her long, shiny hair.


Braids With Dry Towels

Rather than using a hairdryer, Mexicans suggest using fluffy towels. Many Mexican women wrap towels tightly around their heads and leave them until the hair is dry. It’s a simple way to keep the locks soft and fit. 

Gelatin Hair Mascara

 They fight frizz with a mix of:

A tablespoon of unflavored gelatin

A cup of water 

A tablespoon of cider vinegar

Massage the hair with the gelatin mixture formed while shampooing it and leave it for 5 minutes, then rinse. It’s a practice passed down generations.


Forget the Dryer

On hot days when your hairdryer looks like a flamethrower, you’ll thank Jamaican hairstylists for this heat-free hair drying secret. After washing your hair, use velcro curlers , you will end up with fantastic moving curls. 

Cactus Benefits

The same nutrients that allow the Cactus surviving the heat that melts Jamaica can help rejuvenate hair damaged by the heat. Simply peel the Cactus and wash our hair with the oil to leave the hair hydrated.

Puerto Rico

Work With Your Texture

The island is humid and windy, and the women there spend a lot of time on the beach. Rather than counteracting the natural texture of our hair, we help it to accept the weather as it is. This is done using messier smooth locks, similar to those of Jennifer Lopez, who is of Puerto Rican descent.


Cold Bath

Canada’s dry, aggressive climate favors dry, messy hair. To combat this, we suggest trying the cold rinse. At the end of your bath, turn off the hot water. It may seem unpleasant, but it helps to seal the cuticles, ending the split ends and contributing to a naturally bright and radiant look.

Effortless Wavy

Get beautiful waves in your hair, sleeping. Wash your hair at night and dry with the dryer at low temperature, then do two braids on each side. Remember to never sleep with wet hair. In the morning, shape the hair with your fingers to release the curls. The result? Natural wavy hair like the actress Rachel McAdams.


Based On The Highlights

In Spain, women have an attitude with the color of their hair. Instead of drastic changes that require maintenance all the time, they prefer to make highlights, so that hair growth does not show the bicolor effect.


Bright Wicks

An old trick in Ireland is to wash the hair with rainwater to make it shiny. Nowadays, women are betting on treatments like Sebastian Professional Potion 9. Apply from the middle to the ends of the hair before drying it. This product will help treat the cuticles, making the hair reflect more light.

Sebastian Professional Potion 9

 The Side Cut

Irish women are prone to full hair, thanks to the naturally coarse and bizarre texture. The side-cutting technique will combat too much hair. Hold the scissors at an angle to cut an inch from the root toward the middle of your hair. This cut will create softness and movement, which is a technique that should be used by professionals only. Actress Saoirse Ronan, who calls the Emerald Isle home, creates bright and attractive curls even with naturally voluminous hair.


Chamomile Rinse

Rinsing with chamomile tea makes blonde hair stay shiny. Simply boil the chamomile flower for a few minutes, let it cool, and then use it to wash your hair.


England – Beating Frizz

 Thanks to the humid and cloudy weather, the British women deal with a big challenge when it comes to their hair. I tell my clients never to leave home without an anti-humidity hair spray because you never know when the weather will cause frizz on your hair. Try the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Extra Strength Serum.

Merging the Blonde with the Brunette

Not quite blond but certainly lighter than brown. This is the color of the day in London. Think of Kate Moss! To achieve similar looks, treat your hair to bleach a few strands, making them look touched by the sun. To finish, make dark blonde lights on the rest of the hair to generate contrast.


Natural Dry Style

In France, women always seem to have the art of looking chic without trying too hard. Rather than using a flat iron, the French women work with the natural texture of their hair, letting it dry naturally and shaping it with their fingers. Think of the simple elegance of Marion Cotillard.

Hydration While Sleeping

The Parisian woman knows some things about beauty sleep. Evening treatments are very common in France. To increase hydration, many women use L’Occitane Shea Cream on their hair the day before they wash it. Another nightly ritual is taking herbal supplements to nourish the hair at night, like Phyto Phytophanere, which is very good.


Heat-Prepared Hair

To confront the high street winds, women rely on products based on high-temperature treatments such as Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray. The spray fixes the hairstyles made with flat iron or dryers, keeping the hair shiny and soft. 

Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray


Laundering Oktoberfest

The German people are known for their love of beer, so it’s not a surprise that we can find various uses for it. Like German women, mix half a liter of beer in warm water and put in a bottle. Spray it on dry hair and let it act for 20 minutes. This treatment proves to be very good to keep the hair strong and shiny.

Volume ” au naturel ”

Thin hair? Wheat protein is the new secret for German women who want to add volume to their hair. There is a tendency to use organic products that promise to volumize hair, one of the best being Ojon Volume Advance.

Ojon Volume Advance


Salon Frequenters

Italian women, such as the glamorous Sophia Loren, go to the salon at least once a week to keep their hairstyle and cut up to date. They even stop washing their hair very often to maintain a more natural and shiny texture.

The Hair Oil Diet

It is a tradition that Italian families go from generation to generation and use olive oil in their hair.

One tablespoon of the hair once a week helps to nourish, condition, and improve its elasticity, which also helps in fighting frizz.


Static Free Hair

To end the effects of statics, Stockholm Swedish women recommend the seaweed-rich product Sachajuan Over Night Repair, a water-based gel. It contains minerals that will moisturize and shine hair. 

Sachajuan Over Night Repair

 Czech Republic

Volume Is All That Matters

Czechs have very thin hair, so they invest in volume. Kerastase Volumifique line is the fever in the country. From shampoo to hair styling products, they are all perfect for volumizing hair.

Onion wash

To reach the most neutral shades of blonde lights, boil the skin of some onions, allow water to cool, and use to rinse. The Czech blonde’s secret recipe uses six onions in 4 cups of water and leaves no smell on her hair.


Fighting The Elements

The air is dry, and the water is very cold, so many women have bad hair. Bumble & Bumble Thickening Serum is perfect for use with a hairdryer to lighten and balance hair.


Keep Your Color At Home

Five months of cold weather can keep any Croatian away from the saloons for a long time. To preserve the color of the hair during winter, the designer of using small quantities of Label.m’s  sulfate-free products that are made for those who prefer organic hair care.


Rich Hair Colors

The Greeks are the blessed ones with strong black hair and know how to keep them that way. A shampoo containing walnut leaf extract creates a deeper and richer tone. We refer to Nirvana Black Walnut as shampoo.

Sun and sand defense

Before going to the beach, the Greeks use olive oil on the ponytail they make. This protects the strands of hair from dehydration, salt, and heat from the sun. Check out the hairstyle of Greek actress Maria Menounos, who wears a ponytail combined with a pompadour tuft.

South Africa

Bet On The Straight

Before treatment days for hair relaxation and flat iron, South African women used a process known as swirling to straighten their hair. 


Castor Oil Cocktail

In Cairo, a treatment in which Castor oil is mixed with mashed garlic is famous for hair conditioning. It is worth adding a few drops of lavender essence to the combination. Apply on hair at night, rinsing in the morning to have shiny and hydrated hair. We recommend Now Foods Castor Oil.

Now Foods Castor Oil


Neem Oil To Nourish

In a country where the rule is hair, there are many tricks to keep the hair healthy. Mumbai hairdressers recommend using Neem oil with your shampoo. Apply and massage the hair for a few minutes and then rinse it. The oil acts as a lubricant to prevent frizz and breakage.

Neem oil By Kate Blanc

From Espresso To Your Hair

To give a coffee-colored hue, Indian women combine mehndi, a vegetable tincture, with coffee beans. Just beat everything until it forms a paste and apply in the hair. The secret is that the longer you keep the mix in your hair, the darker the shade. 

United Arab Emirates

Secret Glamor

Although these women wear traditional abayas, they still want to keep their hair with stylish hairstyles right underneath.  


The Real Surfer Style

Before hurrying to wash their hair after arriving from the beach, Australian girls use the saline minerals to produce special hair curls. This approach, however, is not very good for the health of your hair, but what did you expect from a beach-loving nation?

Eucalyptus Treatment

Want to have hair like Australian model Elle Macpherson? Just massage the hair with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and sleep with the product, which promotes hydration, shine, and accelerates growth.

Sun Shield

Intense Australian sunshine can end the hydration of the hair. Usually, anti-frizz shampoos also offer UV production, such as Kerastase Soleil lCreme UV Sublime Hair, which is one of the top sellers.

Kerastase Soleil lCreme UV Sublime Hair


Ridding Hair of Moisture

The Thai weather is very hot and very humid, so women need to shampoo often. To help restore hydration, we recommend Kerastase Chronologiste.

Coconut Milk Shampoo

There is a local recipe that has been passed on by generations and friends in Thailand. You grill and squeeze a coconut to get the milk, then you heat until the oil and milk separate. Let it sit and separate the mixtures, and you can apply it as a shampoo to promote moisturizing, softness, and shine.


Boost Your Ponytail

Vodka, caviar, and … horse shampoo?

Believe it or not, the latest trend there is totally unusual and cheap. Many women have been using Mane n ‘Tail shampoo to make their hair stronger and healthier.

Mane n ‘Tail shampoo


Change Your Style

To prevent hair from appearing too coarse, Beijing hair stylists suggest short cuts and soft colors. Layers, lights, and waves are trendy in China. Soft wavy hair, such as actress Lucy Liu, is the trend.

Eat Chinese Food

Isn’t it too good to be true? You can improve the health of your hair by eating Chinese food. It contains a lot of natural herbs like sesame, ginger, root, fleece flower, which is a Chinese natural herb and very good for hair health. Chinese cuisine is regenerative for hair!


Lotus Flower Treatment

Prevent the breakage with lotus flower, born in the forests of southwest Asia, as well as helping to strengthen and shine the hair. To make at home, squeeze the leaves and use the liquid to rinse the hair, then grind the stems into a paste that you can use as a conditioner.


Boxwood Combs

For centuries the tradition among the Japanese is that each bride received a set of boxwood combs as part of her necessaire. Its material is natural and does not harm hair or scalp. It also can be used to make any type of hairstyle. Many women still use this type of comb to have silky and shiny hair.

Start With The Scalp

Japanese women believe that beautiful hair starts at the roots. Japanese women often use exfoliating and purifying scalp treatments several times a week before using the hairdryer. Nigelle LX products are top-rated because they have little chemistry and a lot of effectiveness.

Nigelle LX

New Zealand

Using Local Ingredients

It’s part of New Zealand culture to create products from local ingredients like Manuka honey. The Manuka honey moisturizes, conditions, and protects hair from external factors. The most recommended is Wild Ferns, from the Parrs line .

New Zealand – Bold Cuts

Kiwi women prefer a typical daily style, so they make simpler choices when it comes to hair. This explains the popularity of short cuts. They spend a significant amount of time away from home. They have neither the time nor the willingness to treat very long hair and very complicated hairstyles.