A lot of people are bothered by the look of white hair. Most of the time, ladies opt to color their hair to disguise these strands because they are considered unattractive. But how does gray hair manifest itself?
It is usually connected with aging, so why do we see it in young people? Cell regeneration slows down as people age, as does melanin, the pigment that gives hair its color. Gray hairs are caused by a decrease in melanin synthesis.

There are a number of different reasons why gray hair appears. The mains two factors are aging and genetics. It’s important to keep in mind that these factors differ widely from person to person.

Aging: The main cause is cellular aging. Remember that nicotine can accelerate this process.

Genetics: It varies by individual genetics and can begin as early as the age of 25 when the rate of the GH hormone begins to decline.
If you are experiencing graying, you should see a trichologist so that he can carry out an analysis and better understand your case.

Should I Hide My White Hair?


Assuming or hide gray hair is a free choice for any woman.

Treatments For White Hair

The creation of a hair care routine is essential to maintain your hair healthy.


White hair must be washed and dried with caution due to the lack of melanin.


Performing moisturizing or LED sessions on the scalp will help achieve greater penetration of hydrating actives. These methods should be performed in clinics or specialized salons.

Special shampoos and conditioners

These products, normally in purple, neutralize the yellowish tone of the hair, leaving it beautiful with the natural shade of white.


The greatest way to prevent gray hair from appearing early is to maintain a diet rich in vitamins B1, B5, and B12.

These vitamins, in addition to contributing to the repigmentation of the strands, favor the good condition of the skin, help to heal wounds, and also prevent cardiovascular, kidney, and eye problems.

Reasons To Keep Your Hair White In Your Look

Over time, the human body goes through many changes. When you become older, it is common for white hair and wrinkles to appear. It is also normal for some dissatisfaction with the appearance and the constant desire to camouflage some of these marks to appear. Dissatisfaction with these changes in appearance is frequently caused by social pressure to maintain a youthful appearance. This is because, most of the time, and especially for women, the media seeks to portray a body that is always young. When shown in TV programs, for example, the elderly woman nearly never appears to be her age. Advertising incessantly sells products and procedures so that youth is eternal. Aging is a natural process, and the new characteristics acquired over the years should not be shameful, hidden, or camouflaged with procedures to externalize a young body.

It is logical that the use of procedures should be done according to the woman’s will and how she feels better, and that her own opinion should be taken into consideration. Each woman’s decision must be respected, and each woman should be accepted for who she chooses to be. For those who do not want to be held hostage by disguises, assuming gray hair requires self-knowledge and a period of adaptation.

Aging is a normal part of life.

As much as the media says “No” and that there are numerous ways to try to preserve youth, this is not mandatory. Aging is natural, and everyone who reaches a certain age will go through the aging process.

You inspire other women to do the same

By aging naturally, you encourage other women to do the same. You can also tell other women about your acceptance process and inspire them to follow your choice.

Aging naturally is an act of resistance

If you choose to age without procedures, you are denying social standards of beauty. Just by turning your hair white, you are already shown as a strong woman who resists standards.

Get rid of the chemistry in your body

Over time, camouflaging white hair with dyes and other products can harm a woman’s body. Getting rid of dyes is an act of freedom that breaks down beauty standards and ensures even better health.

Find the power of natural beauty

White hair is not synonymous with negligence. On the contrary, it highlights the beauty of natural strands. This is also an opportunity to rediscover vanity without being held hostage by the paradigms that society imposes.

New ways of looking at yourself in the mirror

The light-dark contrast of gray hair looks beautiful with waves and movement. In this new phase, you can take advantage of different hairstyles that enhance white hair.

Living simple

It is much more practical to leave the house without having to worry about what people will think about your hair. Learn to ignore others’ opinions and enjoy the new look! Such an attitude takes courage, but the results, in the end, are rewarding!

Stories And Tips From Those Who Love Their White Hair And Wrinkles

Check out the following advice from two women who chose not to intervene with time and be inspired by their stories:

Norah Williams, 68 years old:

“It depends on each woman and the way she wants to be, but I believe that the media puts pressure on women not to accept the aging process. It is also up to the woman. If she is unhappy with her appearance, she can seek aesthetic treatment to help her feel better. The problem is when you live solely for that purpose. I was terrified of becoming old until I was in my forties. One day, I decided to start taking care of my health by going to the gym and having a healthy diet. It’s not that the outside doesn’t matter. It does, but the health that comes from within reflects on the outside, demonstrating the love I have for myself. What matters is being with your good spirit above all else. “

Sarah Jones, 56 years old:

“Society exerts pressure on the new, on the disposable, on the consumerist process of products so that women keep in shape. I used chemical dyes for years, and it was a nightmare. When I finally decided to accept my hair, it took a year until it was completely natural. This decision implies agreeing with an internal response, the woman’s own decision. I face the marks of time, wrinkles, white hair, sagging, with joy, because they are part of my story. I have no problem with that. Harmony and balance must be in everything! “

Deciding how you will treat yourself should always be your choice, and every choice must be respected. Every woman is beautiful the way she chooses to be.