Flowers, sun, birds singing, and the smell of passion in the air. These are the characteristics usually associated with what is considered the most romantic season of the year.

With each season, women have the desire to renew their look and follow the trends that emerge in magazines, websites, and beauty blogs. Also, there is a need to take care of the hair properly so that it always remains beautiful and healthy.

After all, the months leading up to the summer require that the hairs have specific treatments to make them more natural and silky throughout the period. Hair tends to become drier and dehydrated during this season due to the strong influence of UV rays, in addition to other external factors such as seawater and chlorine in swimming pools. Maintaining hair health in the spring will depend on the attention we give to it.

Do you know how to treat the hair in the spring?

By following a few simple and easy tips, it is possible to leave the hair healthy and hydrated during the three months of spring and still keep them prepared for the summer.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair During The Spring

See below some tips to have beautiful hair throughout this season.

Cut the ends

This tip is essential for the hair to maintain movement and split ends to be eliminated. Otherwise, the strands will become porous and brittle. So, be sure to ask the hairdresser to cut the ends and do not hesitate to change the cut if you want to renew the look!

Protect your hair from the sun

At this time of the year, the sun’s rays start to become more intense, and, consequently, the hair tends to suffer more. Therefore, invest in thermal protectors daily and every time you use the dryer or flat iron. The use of hats is also an option to protect the threads.

Choose specific products

Each type of hair requires specific care, as they have different needs. So, when buying shampoo and conditioner, give preference to the products indicated for your type of hair. Also, pay attention when choosing the treatment mask and leave-in.

Don’t forget to moisturize your hair in the spring!

hair after summer

Hair hydration is essential for the health of the hair throughout the year, but it is in the warmer seasons that it becomes vital. Using masks and moisturizers is necessary to prepare the hair for the aggressions of external agents.

Also, don’t forget to drink a lot of water. Hydration must also come from the inside out, okay? Moisturizing and nourishing your body and hair will keep your it stronger and less vulnerable, avoiding split ends or breakage.

The time to enhance vitamins has come!

If you notice more hair loss in the spring, don’t despair! It is normal for your hair to fall more frequently this season. Fight against this problem with food.

Maintaining a balanced diet will guarantee the supply of the necessary nutrients for the health of your hair. It may be interesting to consult a specialist who can recommend a vitamin complex that offers the vitamins that are missing for the health of your hair.

Give your dryer and flat iron a break!

You should already know that these two objects can be great villains when used in excess. If the heat is a great enemy of hair in the spring, imagine when we add the high temperatures of the hairdryer daily?
Whenever possible, let your hair dry naturally and, when you decide to use the dryer or the flat iron, don’t forget to also apply a thermal protector. This product will reduce the aggression factor caused by heat.

Also, if you decide to continue using the dryer and flat iron on your hair in the spring, double your hydration and nutrition care. It is worth following the capillary schedule, which will help you hydrate, nourish, and rebuild the locks.

Mineral water!

During spring and summer, it is normal for us to try to cool off in the pool or at sea. But both chlorine in the pool and saltwater in the sea can be great villains for hair health.

We are not saying that you have to stop going to the beach or that you are prohibited from using the pool. However, always remember to wash your hair thoroughly to avoid damage from these external agents. The best would be to rinse your hair with fresh water every time you leave the sea or the pool so that the chlorine is washed and have no time to act on our hair.

In the case of those who dye their hair, no one wants to make those beautiful lights and then have green hair because of the chlorine, right?

Following the simple tips above will help you take care of your hair in the spring while still enjoying this wonderful season. Good care and good spring!

Discover The Trends Of Colors And Haircuts In The Spring

With the arrival of the next season, there are also new trends in colors and cuts. So, find out what’s new here!

Platinum blonde

The platinum blonde is a strong trend for the coming spring. The shade is recommended for women with fair skin and requires constant maintenance at the root of the hair. The platinum blonde is cheerful and brightens the face!


Chocolate is the closest shade to brown hair and, therefore, combines with all skin tones. The color is perfect for those who want to illuminate the face lines, without radicalizing the change.

So, if you are looking for a more sophisticated look, chocolate is your color.

Copper redhead

Having reddish hair is the desire of many women. And this season, the hairstylists are betting on the copper redhead, which gives style and sensuality. Copper red hair combines with different skin tones.

Wob hairstyle

The Wob hairstyle is the sensation of spring. And not by chance, as he is versatile, chic, and stripped at the same time. The length is at the height of the shoulders and brings the curls as the great highlight. So put the flat iron aside and use and abuse other tools to shape the curls.

Curly bob

Another cut that is conquering the heads of fashionistas all over the planet is the curly bob hairstyle. There are long, medium, or short versions. It has asymmetrical tips and wide or thin curls, which should be used carelessly. For all face shapes.

When betting on new hair trends in the spring, be sure to take into account your personal taste and the care you must take to keep it always beautiful and healthy. After all, being satisfied with your appearance is synonymous with beauty and self-confidence!