You know that kind of thing that nobody talks about, but that everyone should know? Like any professional in any field, hairdressers know what is best for your hair. Believe it! However, we all know that when we put some idea into our head, and it involves a hair transformation, hardly anything will change our mind. Who has never wanted or has a friend who has wanted to go from dark brown to platinum blonde in a touch of magic? You cannot imagine how this may have driven the professional mad. Do you know that there are things your hairdresser tries to keep secret, but would love to let you know. Se below the nine things your hairdresser wants you to know!

1. Being Late Is A Problem

If you were ten minutes late to get to the salon and your hairdresser said it was okay, he was probably just being polite. One of the things that your hairdresser need you to know is that their professionals’ agenda is very busy, and a few minutes late will interfere with the schedule of the other clients. How about trying to be more punctual next time?

2. Photos Are For References, Not For Copies

things hairdresser know

I bet you already saved that desire cut or that tone that was amazing in the hair of some famous woman. You arrive at the salon full of hope and show the photo to the hairdresser. Great! This way, he can get an idea of ​​what you are thinking about your hair change – and he can also tell you whether it is possible to do it or not. Each hair is different, and you will never leave the salon like the one in the photo. In fact, it would be boring if all the hair was the same, wouldn’t it?

3. Lunch? They Don’t Know What That Is

Since most people don’t have a lot of free time on their agenda, they often schedule their lunchtime. And a hairdresser can’t let a customer down. Taking an hour and a half of lunch is a luxury for those who work in the salon, the faster and more practical the snack is just to line the stomach, the better.

4. Hairdressers Are The Worst Customers

Imagine how difficult it must be for a hairdresser to sit in the chair of another professional. Each has its different techniques, and knowing this can be a problem for those who understand hair. Do not be surprised if the person who takes care of your hair has a “normal” hairstyle for those who can not trust another specialist.

5. Your Hairdresser Doesn’t Need To Have The Same Type Of Hair As Yours

things hairdresser know

It is all a matter of study and practice. If you have blond and straight hair, it does not mean that your hairdresser will know how to take better care of your hair if she also has blond and straight hair. Each professional chooses to specialize in one type of hair or in a different technique, and this has nothing to do with their own type of hair. Always choose a professional with great recommendations, especially if this advice comes from someone who has already tried and approved.

6. Dyeing Hair In The Salon Is Better, And They Know It

things hairdresser know

Who never wanted to save money and bought some dye at the pharmacy? Yes, it may be cheaper, but it is not always recommended. Hairdressers know exactly what processes they need to do to get your hair looking like it came off the cover of the magazine. That also includes the health of your hair.

7. They Really Want You To Use The Best Product

They don’t just want to sell that more expensive line of daily hair care. Your hairdresser really cares about the beauty and health of your hair. This will make you happier, and their work will probably be easier and more pleasurable if your hair is well cared for. Think about it before buying that cheap shampoo from the supermarket.

8. Hairdressers Also Have A Personal Life

It seems that they wear a hair mask that makes it impossible for us to see them as normal people, doesn’t it? They breathe hair, talk about hair, and even dream about hair, but they also do other things like all of us. And sometimes they even have time for a longer lunch!

9. Hair Is Part Of Who They Are

things hairdresser know

It seems obvious, but have you ever stopped to think about the amount of hair that these professionals find in their stuff? In clothes, shoes, bags and even food! This may seem disgusting to many people, but it is part of the profession. They are used to it.
There are many pros and cons to this profession. Still, it is certainly very gratifying to see the smile on a client’s face after hours of work and dedication. It is a profession that should be highly valued, as it involves love and care for so many women’s hair.