Blonde hair is a big success in the summer. It’s that the light tones let the hair brighter, matching perfectly with the hottest season of the year. Every blonde knows that keeping the color of the hair is a big challenge. Whether dyed or natural, blonde hair needs daily care.

Does Blonde Hair Suffer More In The Summer?

Whether you like it or not, due to external factors such as sea and pool, the blonde hair can fade the color and even gain the greenish color. The chlorine in the pool water can further the hair, leaving it dry and opaque.

To find out how to take care of your blonde hair, stay tuned to the tips that we brought you.

How To Take Care Of Blonde Hair In The Summer?

Blonde hair suffers more in summer, but with some tips, it is possible to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Balanced diet

The health of your hair depends on what you eat and the amount of liquid you drink. Some foods that are proven to strengthen the hair are:

Red meat is rich in protein. Protein is the main ingredient of human hair.
Carrots have beta-carotene, which contributes to the elasticity of the hair.
Whole Grains like linseed, quinoa, oats, chia, white beans are an excellent source of zinc that multiplies the cells, promoting the growth and strengthening of your hair.
Complex B vitamins present in spinach help the hair to grow.
Orange and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, essential in the production of collagen.
Chestnuts are a source of Vitamin E and act in the formation of blood capillaries avoiding hair loss.
Beans and soy are foods rich in iron. The lack of this nutrient leads to dryness, weakness, and even hair loss.

Drink Water

Intake of at least two liters of water do very well for our entire body and hair is no exception. It hydrates the hair from the inside out.

Get an intensive treatment before the beach or the pool

Hydration is the most basic treatment, which needs to be done at least once a week. This procedure will allow the hair to recover the lost amino acids. It will leave your hair softer and silky. When choosing your mask, select the one for your hair, and that contains components such as glycerine, vitamins, and hydrolyzed proteins.

The Nexxus Youth Renewal Treatment Mask  is enriched with Pearl Extract and Concentrated Protein. This mask nourishes the hair inside and brings luminosity on its surface. The formula, with innovative ingredients and light texture, helps to moisturize your hair deeply. The result? Intense brightness with flawless movement.

Protect hair from chlorine and saltwater action

The seawater and chlorine in the pool are the biggest cause of dryness of the hair during the summer. Therefore, it is essential to avoid wetting the wires as much as possible during bathing or swimming. Also, rinse the hair in the shower as soon as you get out of the water. Remove all salt from your hair in ordinary running water.

Protect the hair from the sun and UV rays

These products help to protect the hair against the action of the sun rays and also promote the nutritional replacement because the effect of the external agents loses many of the nutrients present in the hair fibers during the summer. The 10-in-1 Vitamino Color leave-in is an excellent choice for your hair during sun exposure while protecting it will also fight against the anti-frizz, breakage, and double ends.

Use an anti residue shampoo

When returning home after the beach or pool wash the hair with anti-residue shampoo and then apply a treatment a conditioner, to close the entire fiber of the hair shaft.

Try the Totally Beachin Bed Head Shampoo. It contains Vitamin E and reduces breakage. Cleanses hair and removes build-ups caused by sweat, seawater, and chlorine, as well as moisturizing, softening and protecting the color.

Use in sequence the Totally Beachin Conditioner. The product treats signs of summer damage, softens hair dryness, conditions, backs off, and moisturizes.

Take care of your tips

Use a proper repair of tips on the hair, especially those containing silicone. They are waterproof and create a layer of protection to the wires.

Use products based on keratin and collagen

An important tip for anyone who wants to take care of your blonde hair on the beach is to invest in the use of products based on keratin and collagen.

That’s because products with this composition, help to prepare better the hair to face the devastating effects of the beach and summer.

Reconstructive products are great

Another tip for those who want to keep their blonde hair always beautiful and healthy on the beach during the summer is to bet on the use of products for hair reconstruction. Perform a capillary reconstruction or cauterization monthly. The capillary fiber should be recovered and the cuticle sealed, reducing porosity and avoiding oxidation and hair breakage.

Enjoy the summer and make a detox of the hot tools

What about enjoying the summer to invest in a more natural look and make a detox of the flat iron and dryer? In the summer the blonde hair is already tending to dryness, due to discoloration and excess heat. Adding constant use of hot tools during this season can result in worsening of the hair, causing its damage. Therefore, the best is to invest in natural finishes and hairstyles that do not need heat.

Do not forget to neutralize the yellowish pigments.

This little problem can be fatal to dyed hair. When the chemical is not removed from the hair shortly after contact with chlorine in the pool, the heat from the sun warms the hair causing it to dilate, resulting in fading and greening. To neutralize this action and to recover the original nuances of the hair., it is necessary to invest in products that have violet pigments.

How to keep the color during the summer

The biggest complaint of blondes when summer arrives is the change in color, dryness, and opacity. This is because UV radiations oxidize the hair fiber and promote damage to hair proteins, which are the formers of its structure.

The best way to dribble the sun damage is to protect the hair using a complete system of specific treatment at home.

This treatment includes four steps: shampoo and conditioner for blondes, a leave-in, and a thermal protector to keep hair fiber safe and healthy.

This combination forms a protective film and ensures sun-proof color.

Our Recommendation:


Shampoo: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Purple Shampoo

Conditioner: Joico Color Endure Violet Conditioner

In the hottest time of the year, those with blonde hair suffer from color changing. Either by fading or yellowing.

The loss of color and tone are consequences of solar oxidation. To combat this effect, the experts recommend using a shampoo and conditioner for blondes.

That way, you guarantee brilliance and freshness.

The green hair problem is caused by contact with the chlorine in the pool water.

To prevent this from happening, use a leave-in or cream to comb over wet hair, before diving.

Taking the above care, and using the right products for your hair type, will ensure a good time during your vacation days on the seaside.

These are the tips I’ve prepared for you this summer. If you know others, please feel free to leave here in the comments. I will be thrilled to hear from you!