Hair usually suffers from frizz and excessive volume during the summer. The solution to the problem is prevention.

The hottest months of the year are also the most humid months and have a very peculiar way of interfering with the beauty of the hair. It is very common that, at this time, the hair suffer from frizz and excess volume. Curly and wavy hairs tend to suffer more from this problem, as these types of hair are generally bulky.

Learn how to combat the problem.

Hydration is a frizz-fighting solution

Hair tends to become drier during the summer due to frequent contact with external agents that can damage it, such as the sun, seawater, and pool chlorine. The hair tries to reverse dehydration, by absorbing as much moisture as possible from the environment, thus acquiring the creepy appearance. So, to prevent the unwanted electrified effect, it is vital to keep your hair well hydrated.

The treatment should start at the time of the bath. Include in your daily care routine softeners such as shampoo and conditioner that aim to soften the hair. Also, do not forget the weekly moisturizing with a capillary mask suited to the needs of the hair. After washing, apply anti-frizz capillary oil and avoid leaving the house with hair still wet.

Find the best products for hair with frizz

As frizz in hair is a consequence of internal fiber deficiencies. This is why it is not enough to use a finalizer to disguise the hair. You need to treat the health of the hair so that you actually handle the problem.

Using a shampoo with nourishing and disciplining action is an excellent option to treat this type of hair. The formula of this product will provide more control for the hair from the inside out. You need nutrition products, in addition to moisturizing and replenishing water, still feed the hair.

Love Beauty and Planet line perfect for this purpose. It is has Murumuru butter, which offers intense nutrition to reduce both frizz and volume, and on top of everything will take care of your color treated hair.

During the summer, it is common to wash our heads more often because of the heat, sweat, and diving in the sea. However, this habit can leave hair dry, especially at the tips. Therefore, in addition to shampoo anti-frizz, incorporate into your routine a conditioner or a mask that have nutritive action.. You can use the conditioner on a day-to-day basis and the mask once a week or every ten days to potentiate the treatment. By following this ongoing care, you will not only eliminate frizz but keep it from returning over the weeks.

Protecting hair from the sun is key to avoiding frizz

The sun is one of the main causes of dry hair, and dryness can increase the appearance of frizz. It is essential to protect the hair throughout the summer. Prolonged exposure to sun rays impairs both the health and appearance of the hair, causing frizz and opacity, fading and rough touch. Remember to use nutritious lines, such as Solar Sublime. This line contains sun protection to block ultraviolet rays and helps protect against the action of seawater and swimming pool.

Spray the leave-in of this line on dry or wet hair before exposing to the sun and reapply throughout the day. The formula contains Mexoryl S.O., which creates protection against sun rays and still acts as anti-corrosion protection.

A hairdryer and flat iron without thermal protector can cause frizz in the hair

Another common cause for hair dryness, and hence, the formation of frizz is the use of hot tools. During the summer, these devices are less used because hair dries more quickly. However many people have a habit of using them without applying a thermal protector. The high temperature tends to damage the cuticle of the fiber and leave the hair shivering. An excellent option to offer a shielding is L’Oréal Professionnel’s PLI spray. It provides memory effect, making the styling last longer So, you do not have to touch up throughout the day. This helps to reduce the need to use hot tools, which better preserves the hair health, whether in summer or any other season.

Start with the conditioner and apply shampoo to the roots only.

Here is some other fundamental trick to control frizz and hair volume in the hottest season of the year.

During hot days, it is sometimes impossible not to wash the wires every day, but there is a trick not to leave them even drier. The tip is to start with the conditioner. It will create a protective barrier for the tips, and only after apply the shampoo, only in the roots. When rinsing, the foam will gently clean the length of the hair.

Invest in a good cut or trim dry hair ends

Another excellent tip is to invest in cutting the hair before facing the hot season. However, if you prefer to maintain the length, ask your hairdresser to trim the tips to eliminate traces of old damage.

At the beach or at the pool, do not forget the combing cream

The combing cream is another essential beauty to keep the hair without frizz, and the tip is to apply it after each dive. It is also worth moisturizing the tips with a few drops of the product throughout the day and again, after each dive.

Bet on buns of all styles

Chic and ultra-practical, the bun is the favorite hairstyle of summer, since it allows to arrange the hair elegantly in a short time. Low, high, polished, or messy versions are all released. An excellent tip is to make the bun with hair still wet for a wavy, frizz-free look.