If long straight hair were predominant in the past, today, they follow the trend of democratizing styles, valuing each one’s roots, essence, and personality. There are several textures, colors, lengths, and styles available for you to choose the one that best suits you.

The way you use, color, and style your hair expresses to the world who you are. For that, it is not enough to have a perfect cut, a specific texture, or an incredible color. After all, the style you choose communicates to the world a lot more about you than you think. Therefore, it is essential to know the relationship between hair and personality. By better understanding this relationship, you will know if the image you want to express is following your look.

Follow the article to understand in a practical way how the hairstyle can reflect your personality. And best of all, learn to use this technique to your advantage.

What Is Visagism?

If you’ve never heard of Visagism, don’t worry. Visagism is the art of creating a personalized image. The word is derived from “visage,” whose French meaning is “face.”

Basically, visagism is about harmonizing your personal characteristics to further enhance your inner and outer beauty.
That way, the chosen style is always in harmony with who you are, your face, and your personal image.

Imagine that you are a businesswoman and need to convey a posture of seriousness, objectivity and practicality in your personal image. Therefore, the best is to bet on a style and color that conveys these premises. If you do not master the relationship between hair and personality, it becomes more challenging to make the right choice.

The visagist is the professional who will organize these ideas. He analyzes the facial features to propose an appropriate cut and a reading of your personality. Thus, he will be able to indicate the best style for your profile.
What Aspects Should We Consider About Hair And Personality?
To make this analysis, it is necessary to first take into account the texture, style of the hair, coloring, length, and shape of the face. For this analysis to be complete, human behavior specialists still take complementary readings, such as the hands, which offer relevant information on health and emotional balance.

What Do Hair Types Reveal About Your Personality?

To help you get it right when transmitting your personal message, we’ve separated some types of hair and their revelations with the personality. Thus, you will be able to know and choose the most suitable for you.

Hair texture and its personaluty

Kinky hair

According to experts, women who have curly hair are fun, agile, generous, and have very strong characteristics of leadership, dynamism, expressiveness, and passion. They have a youthful look, transmitting an air of innocence.

Curly hair

People who adopt curly hair have, in their essence, a lot of energy, creativity, and willpower. They can still be deeply emotional, and they place a high value on freedom.

Wavy hair

Wavy hair expresses sensuality and romanticism. People who adopt this style are usually full of energy, motivation, and sensitivity. They also value their privacy, as it is in their solitude that they organize their ideas and thoughts better.

Straight hair

Women who opt for straight hair have more practical and linear thinking. They seek balance seriously and prefer to have everything under control. The key point of your personality is objectivity.

Hair length and its personality

Short hair

hair personality

It is linked to fearless, determined, and practical women. Generally, people who choose these cuts are less sensitive, seek to suffer less interference from life, and they know how to make decisions. It is possible to observe strong traits of authority, dynamism, leadership, and persistence.

To have an idea, see the famous women and powerful women have short hair: Halle Berry, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Queen Elizabeth

Medium hair

People who adopt medium hair tend to be quite versatile, with great power to adapt to all types of situations. They are very rational, objective, dynamic, and sincere. Patience is not usually their strength and, for this reason, they end up frustrated more easily.

Long hair

blonde hair summer

There is a consensus among experts on the subject that women who leave their hair long are more relaxed, sensitive, romantic, and creative. They can be more flexible. However, they like to go with the flow. Also, they are very empathetic.


Straight cut hair

hair personality

Cuts of this type convey an idea of ​​control and firmness. People who choose to keep their hair straight tend to be controlled, diplomatic and “down to earth”. They know how to cope and do well in adverse situations.

Irregular hair

The disconnected or frayed strands show joviality, relaxation, and dynamism. They are great options for more cool women and who act with the public. They also value rectangular and oval faces.

Hair with side bangs

Long or short, this style of bangs helps to soften the appearance, in addition to bringing an air of modernity. Women who adopt bangs in their cuts convey respect and authority, but in a light way.

Hair with short bangs

Romanticism and sensitivity are associated with this type of bangs. It is very classic and conveys a youthful and adolescent image, besides being great to soften the expression marks. In some cases, you can infantilize the traits, so caution and a good assessment are required before opting for it.

Hair without bangs

hair personality

There are so many bangs that we sometimes forget that it is possible to show your forehead. Women who choose this style have a strong personality, conveying courage, and leadership.

Hair coloring and its personality

Red hair

The red hair, even if it is not natural, it is characteristic of fun, caring, electric women with an excellent sense of humor.

Brown hair

Eliminate frizzy hair

More sober tones like brown convey security. Determination speaks louder to women of this color, but they are also often passionate, romantic, and patient.


Elegance, energy, and lightness revolve around the personality that opts for the blond. Freedom and sensuality are always on the rise for these women, who like to feel good about life.


The peculiar colors like blue, pink, and purple are a symbol of cool and irreverent people, so much so that they are successful not only in female heads. Boldness and detachment are the most striking features of these women.

Now you know more about how your hair and personality relate. Knowing how to choose the style that best associates your identity with the personal image you want to convey is the key to a beautiful, harmonious cut that best expresses the attitude you want to show to the world!